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Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Party

I went to my coworkers Holiday Party at the Cabin, and it was so much fun. One of my other coworkers played and had fun with my hair, while I did my nails (at the party, I think we needed to talk, it was well overdue). I would show you my nail color, sadly I have no picture of them :(

But I do have a picture of me in my Christmas sweater, it was ivory with beaded snowman on it. I know this sounds silly, but I loved it. It was fun.

I love Picnik

What was crazy there was another girl there (she was really cool) that also had a sweater with a snowman on it (but the focal point of her sweater was a house decorated for Christmas. Later we also were the only one with awesome pj's mine was this and she had a red onsie (it was awesome).

I had a great time at the party, drank, met lots of awesome people and relaxed. Got in the hot tub, was with new friends and really enjoyed myself.

It was a great way to start off the holidays.

If you are going to one here is a set I made to help you out. I love Polyvore.
For that Christmas Sweater Party

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Top Favorite Sites

Lately I have been having a difficult time focusing on schoolwork. It's not just because Christmas is getting near or the semester is coming to an end. No, it's because of the interet.

This past semester friends have been introducing me to a bunch of new websites. As a result, in between classes, studying, meetings, working, sleeping, dates, etc I have been constantly been on the computer.

Here are some of my favorite sites and descriptions for each of them:
  • Pinterest: Imagine have multiple bulletion boards where you can display all these wonderful ideas (recipes, DIY, fashion, cars, sports, etc) by category. You can add as many images/ideas as you want to this bulletion board and you can share it with others. That is exactly what this site does, but virtually. I have done DIY stuff, experimented with my nails, and so much more. They have everything! I love it and I check it on my phone, and on the computer everyday. You can also contribute to the images as well! I will warn you will have to get a friend to invite you or you ask the website to invite you, I think it's to prevent "autobots" (computer programs that are just trying to anaylze and see what is popular and throw pop ups onto that persons computer, I think I got that right, so don't qoute me. I'm no computer whiz)
  • College Fashion: as a college student I don't have a lot of time on my hands and some days I'm not sure what to do with the clothes I already have some days. Also if you want to try a new look or just need inspiration this site is great for that. As well as DIY, contests, and some history about fashion.
  • Polyvore: Do you wish to be like the editors of vogue? Do you just enjoy playing around with fashion? This site is perfect with that. You can make up boards (I have no idea what they are called, I'm new to this myself) but I love it and it is so much fun. It does take some time to get used to how you use it, but it is so much fun!
  • Open Culture:  this is a great site to get help for your biology class or french. The best part it's free! They have helped me with so much, they have videos, send you to other free websites. You can also download free audiobooks, theyhave an iPhone app. They are awesome!
Well that's it for that if you know any amazing sites out there, just let me know. I'm always looking for new web sites. : )

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY: Christmas Gift Bag

Well I am back again. Yah!!! I love blogging. Today at work we are doing Secret Santa. I ran around like crazy last night and this morning getting the gift together. Getting gifts for Gwen was difficult.  This person is not easy to shop for. The other problem was that I wanted to get her jewelry, however jewelry at Belk can be expensive. Thank God it was on sale (Yes!). I also got some chocolate and other candy for her as well.

Here is the cute bag that I put the gift in.
Here are the supplies you will need:
  • 1 piece of green paper
  • 1 piece of red paper
  • 1 piece of brown paper
  •  scissors
  •  glue stick
  •  leftover gift bag (or a really cheap one)
  •  gold ribbon
  •  tissue paper (red & white)
I had a leftover gift bag that I had saved from a gift that I had received (you should always do this in case you are short on cash or you just don't have time to get one). I had green, brown, and red paper. I got silhouettes of a Christmas tree and reindeer. I semi traced/semi free drew the Christmas tree and reindeer. I free drew the holly berries and leaves and folded the little brown piece of paper into a tag.

The Order I Completed This In:
  1. Get Supplies
  2. Print Out Christmas Tree & Reindeer
  3. Trace/free draw holly, reindeer, and Christmas tree
  4. Cut Everything Out
  5. Glue
  6. Put Little Tag together
  7. Attach tag to bag
  8. Let glue dry
  9. Put gift and tissue paper in bag
Done! This took me only 30 minutes to get the bag together.

Other Pictures of the Bag Below:

This shouldn't cost that much and you will have paper left over for other projects as well. If you want to you can even do this in bright pinks, greens, and blues. If you can put links of those pictures, if you do. I would love to know what all of you have

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Look at the Bright Side

I have a lot of time on my hands right now and I really don't want to work on studying for exams.  So I'm just procrastinating at the moment (don't follow my example kids) and just talk abouthe bijillion things that have been on my mind, but have not talked about on here cause I have been extremly busy.

Looking on the Bright Side of Life. When it comes to life it is important to be positive without being blind to life's problems and complications.

I know many people that have a hard time grasping this concept, they just insist (or just have a hard time) at not looking at the bright side of life. They seem to live with a chip on their shoulder and just want to find what is wrong with life.

Yes, there are those that experience depression whether because of life experiences or because of chemical imbalances of the body. That is not what I am talking about.

I'm talking about the people that their life quest comes off as though they expect to be offended or mistreated by another individual and they go through life snarky, miserable, and extremely pessimistic. They have this chip on their shoulder because they feel like life has handed them a band hand of cards on purpose and have been losing that game of poker for as long as they can remember.

Here is my message to you:
1.) Life is not out to get you. There is no conspiracy going on saying "I'm going to make _______ miserable today." I'm sorry stuff has happened to you, but just because this happened doesn't mean you have to hold on to that pain.  You can always let it go. (Yes, I know this is hard. Heck, I have been to therapy).

2.) Stop waiting around for people to offend you. Stop looking for situations to be offended by. Don't you realize this that when you are doing this you are giving the other person power and you are not making yourself look any better. Instead, don't take offense, ignore them. They will learn in time. (Now if they are being physically violent and such, defend yourself. But if they call you names or say something that you don't agree with it, just ignore it. We all hear stuff we don't like, but not all of us makes a hugh stink out of it. Why are you?) Don't waste your time on them.

3.) Stop looking for what's wrong and messed up in life. Seriously, if you are hyper-focused on the messed up aspects of life, it's not going to help you stay positive. It isn't easy, I never said it was, but if you tend to look at what is wrong with life and what is messed up and all the other problems... you will be unhappy. Realize that, yes there are so many things wrong, but figure out what in life is right. What things are going well in your life?

To those that live to be unhappy with life and are upset, just to be upset......... Get over it, get over yourself. You are not the only that has had a lot of crap go on in your life. You are the only one that has a bad relationship with your family, has had a terrible boyfriend/ girlfriend/marriage that messed with your head or has been screwed over in one form or another. You are not the only one that has been through a lot. It's not the world's fault that instead of trying to live a positive life, you decide to be angry and unhappy with the world. Don't blame the entire world for all the bad that has happened to you  And anytime someone does something you don't like you lash out because you think they want to hurt you personally, when they have no idea who you are.

You are not helping yourself by choosing to find what is wrong with life and being unhappy. You really aren't. Blaming the world for your problems and your past hurts isn't going to help either. Ghandi said, "Be the Change You Wish to See." By being a positive person and working on preventing what happened to you happen to someone else is a much more productive way of going about things. Be the role model. Put your experience to use.  Treat others with kindess, write about it, talk about it, etc. BUT!!! That does not give you the right to get angry and nasty with those that might have a different point of view. You must allow the person to decided for themselves and remember we all have different experiences and points of views. Being hateful with others does not fix things.

Don't live life looking for what is wrong, live life trying to better yourself and those you know.

On a side note,  when first writing this I immediately thought of Monty Python, so here is one of their songs.

My How Things Change

It's weird what can happen to a person over a year. Heck over a few months. 

All my life I have been a very passionate person. At times I felt like I had all of this passion inside of me waiting to be used and I had no idea how to direct it.

At times it has gotten me into trouble, other times I got into huge arguments.

I was/am passionate about a lot of things: my country, the military, my family, my faith, my friends, etc.  I love learning, reading, writing, the arts, music, politics, etc. What I believe in, what I love is what I am passionate about.

I realize though you can't live 24/7 with this passion going on. This may sound strange to some of you, but imagine if you are the Energizer Bunny with a Solar Battery that is constantly being charged and going on and on and on...

You get the idea.

You can't live life like it is a constant battle. Like you are taking on the next challenge. Many will probably disagree with me and that's fine with me. I understand, I used to be that passionate. But eventually you have to realize that if you keep going down that route, you will burn out.

I realized it these past few months. I am full of life and love to live life, but I know people who always seem to be "on."  It seems they never take time to relax or sit back and enjoy life.  No, to them life is a constant battle and one must always live with Passion 24/7, night and day, awake or asleep. That's exhausting.


What is wrong with taking time with life? What is wrong with having free time? These people seem to need to feel every waking minute of there day learning something, doing something, etc.  Don't they want to have time to relax, to be at peace, to think about the fun stuff of life, etc...

Why must it be this constant battle where everything must always get fixed, where we must always focus on an injustice or something that is terrible and evil and wrong? Why do we constantly have to fill every moment of our lives to the point where we are exhausted?

Is it bad to look at the fun little silly things that are going on in life? Why is it considered "degrading oneself" to  love fashion or sport for example? Why must we be wary of those that are different in thought than us?

I finally got an answer after 2 months.

They don't want to face themselves.  It sounds crazy, but it's true.  When we fill up our lives with constant activity, we don't take time for ourselves and we don't take time to examine ourselves. We need that time for ourselves to not only take care of our physical health, but our mental health especially. Sometimes people use all that activity and all that passion for fixing/changing problems they see in the world as a way to distract themselves from their own problems, their own issues. Hate to break it to you, that won't help you with yourself at the end of the day.

This semester although I have had a filled schedule, I forced myself to take some time for myself because of my health. I think it helped a lot too. I learned a lot about myself too and not only did I face the baggage I had, I faced my nasty, not so good side.

I'm not perfect. : /

After facing the the rest of the baggae (there was a little left) and coming to terms that at times I can be nasty and judgemental. It's hard facing tha truth.

Through discovering this, I dscovered some friends of mine were staying active, leanring, working, and fixing everything else but themselves. Some of them seem to live with this chip on their shoulder and they can't let it go because they don't know how to.

I know it's not easy, but it is very liberating and it helps a lot. Because of this discovery I feel a lot morrelaxed and at ease. It's a shame that those that I know are still trapped in the world were they have to escape from their problems.

Having passion is wonderful, more people need to have passion in their life. But to have it 24/7, although it sounds wonderful it is also time consuming and becomes very exhausting. Being able to relax and enjoy oneself is also a wonderful thing. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Woke up in Vegas! Part II

The dance was a lot of fun. There wasn't a lot of people there, but I didn't care. The decorations were amazing, the music was awesome, and I had a great time with everyone. Not going to lie, my favorite part (besides being with friends), was getting ready and getting my costume together. I will do that post later.

It took me about 45 minutes to get ready. It was a lot of fun, I looed so tacky, I had the messed up veil (tutorial coming soon) ripped panty hose, zebra ballet flats and a tacky bouquet.  Yes, I smeared my eyeshadow and guady lipsticktoo.  My boyfriend of 2 years went as a messy groom ( he wrote groom all over his white shirt in sharpie), his outfit was a lot more easier to get together, of course. Men are lucky likie that.

Some of my friends went as hookers and pimps. It was hilarious and a lot of fun. I tried to dance the whole night away, but man, my knees were hurting like crazy.  Our t-shirts looked great!!!  The Panther looked hungover and it was awesome.

There was of course some drama that night (shocker) it felt kind of like high schoolish. But other than that it was a lot of fun. Wondering what happened?? Just boy girl drama. *rolling eyes*

So sorry this is so late, it has been insane this past month. Will have that tutorial for the veil as well as how to be a tacky, skanky bride (should not be that hard though).

Have a great day!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I Woke Up in Vegas!! Part I

I have been getting ready like crazy for the "Waking Up in Vegas" Fall Dance that we are holding at Pellissippi State.  One of my coworkers, Rob, has been working so hard on this dance.  He thought of it all, the theme, the decorations, etc. Great job Rob!  All of us have been working on getting it together, the main man being Rob.
In between that I have been working on classes, work, and getting my costume ready for the dance. I am going as a trashy, skanky bride. I basically got most of my costume last night and to be honest I am not sure how it is going to work out. I worked on my veil last night; it looks awesome! It took a few hours to rip, glitter and feather it up. It's amazing how quickly in real life it can take to mess up clothes, but when doing it on purpose it's a lot of work....go figure :/ .

Above is  the awesome Katy Perry singing Waking Up in Veags! Tell you more later!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wow...So Many Changes

This past semester has been crazy. I have a job, part of organizations, and committees.  I wish that I could do more, but I would go crazy and it's responsible to do so much when I am not able to fully commit.   Here is a list of everything I am a part of and my commitments:
  • Student Activities Board- My Job
    • I'm in charge of Panther Pause
    • I'm part of an awesome team that helps plan and run events for the students on campus
    • SAB's goal is to help encourage students to get involved on campus, help make friends, and become better students. 
    • And anything that needs to get done in the office I help do that too.
  • Gnosis- I'm treasurer. For all that don't know (& want to know) They were the first group of people I became friends with.
    • What is Gnosis? Gnosis is not the Gnostic religion. It is "An Independent learning and service organization that inspires and mentors PSTCC students committed to finding joy & direction in their educational pursuits with a head/heart/hands approach." That is the technical understanding...but what does it mean you ask???
    • Gnosis is what you make it.....
    • Gnosis for me is a time to learn. A time to grow. A time to become who I always wanted to be. True I will always be working on who I want to become, but this group has helped fast track it for me. It challenges me a lot; beliefs, thoughts, ideas, etc.  And I like that (although it can get tiring and part of me wishes people would just think the way I did). 
    • Gnosis for me is a learning experience, without having to worry about getting graded at the end of the day. It had encouraged me to write, read, play, and live more.  
  • Knoxville Opera - Knoxville Opera Education & Outreach Committee
    •  I'm on the committee that helps contact different schools to help generate interest in opera among students from the ages of Kindergarten -12th grade. 
    • I'm so excited and honored to be a part of this. I haven't been able to do so much lately because of my hectic schedule, but I am working on it.
  • Phi Theta Kappa- I'm a member of it
    • I haven't been that invloved frankly because I have been extremly busy and getting used to my new work/school/ extracurricular schedule. However I will be trying to get more involved and doing the Competitive Edge Challange they have.
    • I will be though submitting to their writing contest for their Literary Magazine. So I will at least be participating somewhat.
  • QEP Student Committee - member
    • QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan. It is a Program with the goal to help students get more out of their learning experience in college.  As a student member, I am part of an awesome committee that gives feedback on the new plans that are put into practice. 
  • A Daughter, A Sister, A Girlfriend, and A Friend
    • Hey it's a lot of work :)
Sadly there is also all the things I wish I could do :( . It's a shame that there is not enough time in the day for me to do all the things I want. Same time though my boyfriend of 2 years now (yah!) says that I should be more realistic and not have such high expectations of myself.  They are really high ones, but it is because I believe a person should do their best and be their best at all times.

Here is the list of stuff I wish I could do more and be more involved in:
  • History Club
  • Imaginary Gardens ( This is the literay magazine) 
    •  I will still submit my writings to this though
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Volunteer at Oak Ridge Library
  • Exercise
  • Start my little business
  • and so much more...

So that is all that is going on at the moment. Not really, but I don't feel like going into the rest of it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Hat that Launched a Facebook Page

Ever since Princess Beatrice made her appearance with the ribbon, pretzel esque hat at William and Kate's Royal Wedding, she has been getting a great deal of attention (a great PR move) and she has been milking it up.

The designer of the hat is Philip Treacy and apparently he is Irish (my Irish ancestors cry with shame) he stands behind the design and he loves it. He thinks that it is elegant, a work of art and brings out her beauty..... whatever works for you.

Now in defense, I do love the design...just not as a hat. Or if it was going to be a hat, how about if was done differently. I'm not a designer but I love fashion (I just bought a cute new purse and scarf online on sale (only $12 dollars for both, go to AVON, they have great stuff).

Well the hat that launched the facebook page, is being put up for auction on ebay. I am not surprised. All the money will go to UNICEF to help children in crisis.

I wonder who will buy it and what will they do with it once they have it? I hope they wont wear it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Book Review: Beastly

I have read and watched many different versions of Beauty and the Beast. This is the first one that I have come across that isfrom the perspective of the Beast.

Title: Beastly
Author: Alex Finn
Mass Market Paperback: 310
Publisher: Harper Teen of HarperCollins Publishers
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

I love this book. There is nothing bad about the book, there really isn't. For me to say this especially since this is basically the story of Beauty and the Beast, but from the Beast point of view.

For a long time I had been wanting a book from the Beast's point of view (I was actually thinking of writing before I came across this book). This story is the tale of Beauty and the Beast, but it starts a little before he becomes the Beast, you see him go through his like as the Beast and than you see him when he meets his Beauty. I'm not going to give any details away.

The setting is modern day, he is in high school popular jock, has a great girlfriend, rich life, etc. Typical douche bag. A spell is cast on him, he gets all furry and looks like he has that rare wolf man disease, except he was a cross between bear, wolf, gorilla, dog, etc. Fangs, claws, the works.
He learns his lesson, falls in love, saves the one he loves, and it ends well. It's a great read.

No I have not seen the movie yet and just looking at the movie poster, I can tell they have Beast totally wrong, he didn't have these weird looking tattoos on him. Also from reviews that I have read about the movie from those that have read the book, they were not happy.

Well this book is definitely worth reading and I hope everyone enjoys it.

A Song Review: I'll Throw a Grenade at Ya!

I know Bruno Mars has been around for two almost three years now. I have heard a couple of his songs: The Lazy Song and Just the Way You Are. The one song though that I cannot stand is his new song "Grenade." I don't like it, it is annoying and ridiculous. Everyone thinks that the song is romantic, are they listening to the same song as I am? Here are the lyrics thanks to elyrics (I cannot guarantee accuracy):


Easy come, easy go, that's just how you live
Oh, take, take, take it all but you never give
Should've known you was trouble from the first kiss
Had your eyes wide open, why were they open?

Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash
You tossed it in the trash, you did
To give me all your love is all I ever asked
'Cause what you don't understand is

I'd catch a grenade for ya
Throw my hand on a blade for ya
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya

I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for you, baby
But you won't do the same

No, no, no, no

Black, black, black and blue, beat me 'til I'm numb
Tell the devil I said, hey, when you get back to where you're from
Mad women, bad women, that's just what you are, yeah
You'll smile in my face then rip the brakes out my car

Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash
You tossed it in the trash, yes, you did
To give me all your love is all I ever asked
'Cause what you don't understand is

I'd catch a grenade for ya
Throw my hand on a blade for ya
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya

I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for ya, baby
But you won't do the same

If my body was on fire
Ooh, you'd watch me burn down in flames
You said you loved me, you're a liar
'Cause you never, ever, ever did, baby

But darling, I'd still catch a grenade for ya
Throw my hand on a blade for ya
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya

I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for you, baby
But you won't do the same

No, you won't do the same
You wouldn't do the same
Ooh, you never do the same
No, no, no, no

If you were able to make it through reading the whole song I congratulate you. I could not, for it is already in my head. So much so that I was humming it during both of my classes today. My boyfriend and I cannot stand this song, seriously I throw my hand on a blade for ya/ I'd jump in front of a train for ya.....

Hey, I like back massages and chocolates. Even better than that, take me shopping. You really don't have to throw you hand on a blade for me, its not like the blade is going to jump out at me and scream "I'm going to cut you!"

It takes a lot for me to be turned off from a an artist, well he has lost a potential fan unless he makes up for it by writing a better song. Yes, I do not like him or this song. Grenade=terrible.

Here is the Orginal Video of the song:

Here is a Parody by The Key of Awesome... I enjoyed this one. They do some great parodies!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Took the Red Pill...

The Matrix, the awesome movie that gave us the option to take the blue pill or the red pill.

I always think about this movie every time I eat anything that tastes like chicken, because they make a good point how come food tastes something else. I myself have tasted Gator (more about that later) and it does taste like chicken, but it has a more rubbery texture to it.

Warning I will go totally geeky about a movie that is totally not based in fact (that we know of) and I am just doing this for the heck of it, to expand my mind, and get a story idea for the many novels I plan to write and eventually will publish.

I wonder at times about the world we live in, the whole idea that our reality is being controlled by a bunch of machines who are hungry for energy and we humans are being harvested for energy(the idea of this still makes my brain freeze up like a computer, maybe there is a reason for that happening.... anyway...). The one thing about the movie that really intrigues more than anything is when the movie mentions deja vu.

Deja vu in the matrix is a glitch, it happens when they change something in it. I'm curious about this because it happens so often to me, so I got to wonder say we are living in the matrix what is changing and why?

Another thought before we continue with the matrix.....

I had mentioned a while back about the law of attraction. The whole idea about the law of attraction is that when you think/feel good/bad thoughts you are sending positive or negative ways depending upon your feelings and thoughts. And the waves that come back to you will reflect the feelings or thoughts you sent out.

Now we are fed many realities by all kinds media: TV, books, magazines, music, computers, etc. When we accept a reality that reality becomes true from our point of view. So maybe if The Matrix did exist in machine form it would not be giving us a unified reality but a reality which fits to each persons interpretation. So that way we would not rebel or "find out" about the truth... the truth about the Matrix.

Remember in the movie it was said that humans could not accept a paradise, a place of perfection and bliss. That I can definitely see, I think we would stagnate if we didn't have conflict and to be honest if we did have a paradise I could see eventually one person going crazy and start destroying everything in sight.

Hence why in society there is always the majority and the minority. As a society, this will always be the way of things, we are unable to be completely unified or we go crazy. Now eventually how the minority act/feel usually become the new popular, the new norm (think of the 60's, 70's, and anything that used to be unpopular but now is the "shiz"). And the cycle of majority and minority continue.

To get back to deja vu. If a person has deja vu a lot and they live within the matrix... What is the reason for this to be happening constantly?

Here is an example of a potential scenario:
He/she has deja vu frequently. This person works hard in life, has ambition, and is always dreaming of more things he/she can do. They want to be able to do and try everything in life, to them there are no limits. This person is always trying new things.As a result they are "attracting" to them more opportunities to expand and grow as an individual. Whether it be job opportunities, more money, etc.  This person is constantly changing to try to make themselves better. 

Now how can we explain all the deja vu moments using matrix logic. As we stated above deja vu happens when there has been a change in the matrix. Then we combine that with the idea that the matrix conforms to the reality that we see (law of attraction) in our minds. If our reality is constantly changing, if the person is constantly improving, they are constantly changing. Therefore the matrix has to keep up with them and as result they experience more deja vu.

In the movie it only presented a time frame and the reality of that time frame it did not address was the personal level of each individuals reality.

Maybe the law of attraction and the matrix somehow work together.

Hope that gets you thinking.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's been over a Year!

For everyone who has no idea what I am taking about, last month on May 12, 2011 was the one year anniverseray of this blog. For me that is amazing because I have a hard time sticking to a project once I have started it. I started this blog really nervous as to what I was going to say, write,etc. I had no idea what I was doing when I started out, but in only one year it has evolved and grown.

From May 12, 2010-May I have created 62 posts! And so far for this year(up to today) I have written 36 posts. that's more then May12- Dec 31, 2010.

I am very proud of myself

Well Enjoy Kool & the Gang

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summertime = relaxing, fun, cleaning, crafts, classes?

That's right I am taking summer classes again... I don't dread taking summer classes, I prefer them over regular semester classes. Seriously if I could take one class a month for every month (4 in the fall, 4-5 months in the spring, and 2-3 in the summer)I would be happy. Could you imagine how many classes you can get done with in a year and how well you could do in that class since you are putting your sole focus into one class. I know it is different for everyone, I just would love to do that myself, I enjoy it a lot more. Think about it, if you go for one full year, taking a class a month and each class equaled 3-4 hours (we have science labs to think of and what your major is), at minimum that would total to 36 hours in one year, maximum could be up to 52! How awesome would that be.

Sounds insane, but I would love to take a class a month.

Moving on, this summer I am at the moment taking just two classes. I am taking developmental math and Business and Technical Writing class. For my math it should not be too difficult, I only have modules 8 and 9 left! I am excited. And the Business and Technical Writing Class should be fun.

I may add another one on as well because I would love to get a class out of the way, but I want to be able to have a bit of a summer to and hang out with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. Also I will be finishing up my math around early July and since I only have 2 modules left I should be fine. But I have to consider the other factors along with the fact that I want to have a job, I'm not sure yet though.

Besides taking classes I will be looking for a job, begin working on the responsibilities it takes when it comes to being Treasurer for the group I am a part of Gnosis. I will be cleaning my room, throwing stuff away, and donating stuff. I have been a pack rat for a long time so it has been hard but I have been really doing a good job. What I have realized going through all of my stuff, is that I have a lot of arts and crafts supplies. With realizing this I have decided that I will make this a craft filled summer so that way I can use as many craft materials as I possibly can, without needing to buy more (and if I do buy more I will buy less than more, just so that way I won't have anything left over). Hey who knows if I do a really good job I could sell the stuff on Etsy. Another little project I will be working on is more academic...I know as if college was not enough. Well I am interested in learning more about Holodomor and I want to eventually do a presentation about it so that way people are more aware about the topic. That itself is another post for another day, unless I get in the mood later on to talk about it.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Soul-Think Positive

Another Chicken Soup Book that I have finished reading and yes it will have you crying is Chicken Soup for the Soul:Think Positive.

Title: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive
Author: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor H ansen, and Amy Newmark
Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Self-Help/Inspiration/Success

I enjoyed this book and I had a great time reading it. You will cry when you read certain stories, but it is really worth it.

This is a book that everyone should have, especially right now with the economy being so terrible and everyone is having a hard time finding a job, paying bills , etc. It's great to read when you feel down and terrible.

I suggest everyone gets this book, because it is great to have on hand when you have had a really long day.

A Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Tea Lover's Soul

I was on a Chicken Soup for the Soul kick. I have been wanting to read all of their books. I think it's because I want to read something that is inspiring and drama free. I have read quite a few of them and so far this is my favorite.

Title: Chicken Soup for the Tea Lover's Soul
Author: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Patricia Lorenz
Mass Market Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher: HCI, Health Communications, Inc
Genre: Cooking/Beverage/Inspiration

I love this book, I have already read it twice, if you are a tea lover you will not be disappointed. There are about 50 stories in this book and throughout the book you will learn the history and the health benefits of tea. I myself like the tips when it comes to brewing different teas and how tea is processed. This books is not just about hot tea either, there are stories for those that prefer it cold.

It's definitely a fun read and no the stories do not get monotonous. Every tea lover must read this book.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Time to Grow Up! Part 2: Your Momma Ain't Here No More

This won't be as long as yesterdays. But let's recap the first part:

In Part 1 of It's Time to Grow Up! I talked about those that live at home with their parents and how they should act if they are going to be doing so. I discussed how many like to take advantage of their parents and the fact that I find it disgusting. If you are interested and can't find it, here it is.

Although more and more children are living with their parents, there are more and more children living on their own, but their parents still take care of them. Let me explain, using a college student scenario:

I am talking about those that have their own apartment, their own car, go to college, have other expenses (pets, bills, go shopping at expensive places, etc.) and they don't have a job. If they are in college they don't feel like living in a dorm and as a result the parents will have to pay more money out of their pocket just so that way their kids has a place to live (apartments are more expensive. The reason is because you have to pay your own wi-fi, electricity, water, gas, etc. Dorms in the long run are less expensive and you can get loans to help you with that more likely than you would be able to for an apartment. Now before you say I have roommates from hell, I have issues. Guess what, get over it. No matter what you do you will come across the roommate from hell. However, it will not always be like that. Now if you throw other expenses: food, bills, car, and if you get a pet (depending upon the kind you get that will be an added $300-1,000 per year, sometimes more) all of that adds up.

Now if you did all of this and had a job, I commend you and in my eyes you are awesome. But if you have all of this, you don't have a job and your parents are paying for it....yeah I have trouble seeing you as an adult. I would have trouble seeing you as responsible and I would not take you seriously.

If you are going to be living on your own you should:

1. Have a job. No if, ands, or butts.

2. Be able to take care of yourself, it's understandable to ask your parents to give you advice and help you occasionally. They shouldn't be there at your every beck and call. If you are old enough to have your own place, you should be old enough to take care of yourself. Also if you are thinking about getting a pet, you should be able to ask yourself how many hours do you spend taking care of yourself. Then multiply that by 2 (0r 3 again depending on the pet) and if you can;t handle taking care of the pet for that many hours, don't get one. That way you won't be tempted to throw it onto your parents when you are unable to deal with it or pay the bills left over from the vet visit.

3. Just because your parents love you and can help you doesn't mean you can take advantage of it. Yes they may want to do whatever you want, but do you want to make them go broke? Especially in this economy.

4. If you can't afford to get it, don't go to your parents every single time you want something expensive. I don't care if it's a new camera, the latest coach purse(and I love coach), the newest game system, etc. However you can let them know you like it so it could be a future birthday or Christmas (Kwanzaa, Chanukah, etc. ) present. By the way not every day is your birthday and your un birthday and half birthday is not a reason to get a present either.

5. Don't get a condo or loft if you can't afford it without help. Ask yourself, do you really need all that space. Do you, if your place looks half empty and it's pretty big, you might want to think of downsizing. If there are more than 3 bedrooms in the place and you are not sharing it, you don't need it. Unless you can afford it by yourself, than go ahead and have fun with it.

Of course as always there are exceptions, those that just lost there job and are looking for one, (you can always downsize your place and/or sell your stuff) your health may be bad (it may be better for you to move in with your parents) or a number of crazy things have happened that have prevented you from doing the above.

I said this yesterday and I will say it now. I know times are hard for a lot of people, I know the economy is going down the drain every day. My boyfriend, my wonderful amazing boyfriend with a college degree, who has worked since he was 16 has no job. Yes, he teaches guitar to a couple of students and gets some money from that, but he has to rely on unemployment to pay for everything and his own will to find a job for himself. It is not easy, but he does and he doesn't even live with his parents he is still able to pay for rent and some food.

So I do understand, life is hard and it can suck. But guess what all you got to do is keep moving, at the end of the day there is only one person that is stopping you from being a true adult and that is you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Time to Grow Up! Part 1: Living At Home

For those that don't watch reality TV, like me, the guy in the picture is Frank the Entertainer. He was originally on the reality show I Love New York (like the bachelorette, but only tacky). He was an interesting character, one of the defining moments that got him kicked off was the fact that he was in his late 20's and he was still living with his parents. Then after that he got his own show, Frank the Entertainer: A Basement Affair, and it became the sad guy that lives with his mom version of The Bachelor (For any of his fans, he now has a girlfriend and not only that I don't think he lives with his parents anymore, at least that was the first impression I got when I came across his myspace). The point he helped give a good representation of the adult that did not want to grow up and face responsibilities.

There have been more and more articles out there about adult children mostly between the ages of 20- late 30's that live with their parents.I think that is ridiculous. However before you all of you become jumpy and starts justifying certain situations I will tell you the circumstances I am refering to.

I have a lot of friends, some friends I am proud of, others they make me wonder if they have any brains cells left over from partying (I do love them, I just worry about there choices). One of these friends (lets call her Tammy), Tammy has graduated from high school (good job), didn't apply for college (okay college isn't for everyone and some people aren't always ready for the challenge), looked for a job (good), got a job(YAH!), and then lost the same job less then a month later (wHaT?!). Apparently what happened was is that she expected her family to wake her up for her job, even though both of her parents work.... As a result of her never waking up for her job that day she was fired. Why you may ask, well she never woke up until 3 hours after her shift began and never called into work explaining what happened, she just stayed home. Have I mentioned she got really upset at her parents and other family members for not waking her. Doesn't she know that every cell phone has an alarm on it, she could have at least used that. If you try to tell her that though, you are being mean. Oh this girl also doesn't have to pay rent,she doesn't have to do any chores and doesn't help the parents out.

This disgusts me.

I could throw out more scenarios, but frankly I might become aggravated writing about it.

If you are going to be living with you parents you should be:

1. Not taking advantage of them: help around the house, do chores, run errands. Don't ask them to buy you your every single want and desire (your not 5 anymore and no you are too old to be a "princess" or "prince"). Get off your butt and help them.

2. At least have a job and paying rent or going to college. I myself am going to college and looking for a job right now (fingers crossed). My parents don't expect me to pay rent since I am going to college and I am working toward my future. I help with other ways, how, I do the above, because I believe (as do my parents) that college is a full time job and it takes a lot of work so that is your first job . If you were laid off, fired and are now unemployed, get unemployment, that can be a way to pay rent (I'm pretty sure in some states there might be rules about having unemployment and living with your parents, you will have to check that though.) So if that's the case don't sit on your butt and moan and groan about how terrible life is find a job.

3. Don't ask for any help with big expenses. The only exceptions are if your health goes to pot, your car (either used for college or looking for a job) fails or your computer crashes (also used for a job searching or college). Everything else is frivolous, you don't need that new TV, that car may look nice but forget it, that dress would look great with your shoes but its $300 and it will be out of style next summer and yes that dog is cute, but you don't want to deal with veterinarian costs do you (well guess what neither do your parents).

4. Show respect. They are your parents, they do not have to let you be there since you are now a full grown adult. Their house, their rules and you have to play by them. If you don't like it, move out.

Now there are of course as always exceptions, there are people that are unable to work cause of health issues and are disabled in one way or another. There are those that have lost homes, are in the process of divorce, etc.

Well this message is to those that sit home all day play online games, watch stupid TV, buy junk and other unnecessary items with their parents money, eat all the food, and make the house a wreck , etc (They don't have to be doing this all at once, they could only be doing a few of these things).

Get a job, make something of yourself, take pride in yourself , and make something of yourself. Stop being a slacker, stop relying on others. Don't you realize you look like a loser.

Now I will say it again, I know times are hard for a lot of people I know the economy is going down the drain every day. My boyfriend, my wonderful amazing boyfriend with a college degree, who has worked since he was 16 has no job. Yes, he teaches guitar to a couple of students and gets some money from that, but he has to rely on unemployment to pay for everything and his own will to find a job for himself. It is not easy, but he does and he doesn't even live with his parents he is still able to pay for rent and some food.

So I do understand, life is hard and it can suck. But guess what all you got to do is keep moving, at the end of the day there is only one person that is stopping you from being a true adult and that is you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I 'm in love...with Etsy!

Last night I really discovered the wonder and beauty of Etsy. For all those that have no idea Etsy is a website where you can sell homemade or vintage items. You can off course just buy them if you want to.

I haven't sold anything, although I am definitely thinking of making items to sell on there in the near future. I have so much craft stuff just waiting to be used up, and there is no way I would be able to keep everything I create, I don't have the room.

They have everything for everyone. Vintage typewriters, vintage clothing, anything for geeks and fans obsessed with different movies, tv shows, or books.

I love it. I can't wait to get a job so I can start buying stuff off of this website. I stayed up til 430 in the morning looking at stuff and getting ideas.

To be honest I'm amazed I am awake and coherent at the moment, I guess being in college helps/hinders ones ability to be able to function on little sleep.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am still missing posts!

Okay today is the May 18, it has been 4-5 days since the issue was brought up and addressed. I am still missing two blog posts. I am a little upset, however this definitely comes to show how much we rely on our technology.

I hope I can get those two blog posts back, they were older posts that I had saved as drafts and finally finished this month. It is not because they are long and difficult topics, it is just because as everyone knows I have been busy and it took me awhile before I could get back to them.

I hope I can get those posts back soon, to be honest I am afraid of posting more in fear that I will lose them. I have just noticed it today because I did not think it would affect me and I hadn't thought about it until now. I will not be able to rewrite them and I hope this issue is addressed.

If anyone is having problems go to help at the top of the page and then type into the search engine missing posts, you will find a lot of other people have posted information and replys regarding the matter

I hope I can get my posts back soon. :(

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Movie: Red Riding Hood

First, I will say this, yes I know the person that directed this movie also directed Twilight (a movie I find laughable..."Spidermonkey") But this movie was very enjoyable. I would say that it was better than twilight but for some of you that doesn't mean it was a great movie. I can tell you however to give it a try, for you may be surprised , I was.

The movie: One of the girls in the village has been killed by the wolf something that hasn't happened in years and everyone is under suspicion. They try to take care of the problem themselves, they fail. They try to bring in outside help, they mess it up too. The only one who is able to take care of it is Valerie, the sister of the girl that was killed by the werewolf. Who the wolf is, well you take a guess.

There is a werewolf, a red riding hood, and grandmothers house is in the middle of the woods. Expect a love triangle (again another twilight similarity), religious crazies, a expected unexpected twist, to cry at a few moments, and of course romance. The ending is good and I enjoyed it. I had not read the book when I saw this movie (although I can tell you know that of course the book is better than the movie).

The book and movie are different from the original fairy tale version (there are actually a few of them) but it was very good and it did not tear the story apart like Twilight ruined the vampire genre.

Can you tell I'm not a fan of Twilight.

I give this movie 4 stars.

Yes I'm Back

I'm sorry for the long delay, life tends to get in the way, however this time it wasn't cause of school or friends. It was my family. My grandmother was ill for a month on and off and it was such a roller coaster. She finally passed away a week before my birthday and I was left to take care of my family and my own schooling while my parents went to the funeral. It has been a rough semester for me.

I'm so glad it's summer vacation(a mini one for me cause I will be taking summer classes). I'm done with my classes and I'm excited for a new semester to better my grades, myself and to get to know everyone around me even more.

I will be obsessive with posting over the next week. I have much I want to talk about books, movies, American Politics, the storms that ran through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Also the my first writing conference I went to, random rants, music I'm in love with and music I'm not sure what to think about. Also I can't be a good blogger without commenting on William and Kate's wedding.

Something new , I will also try to start learning about different faiths. This semester in my school we talked about religious tolerance...I strongly dislike using that phrase. To me the word tolerate is a negative word and should not be a word used in the same sentence as religion. I prefer religious compassion and understanding.

I am very excited to be working on this blog. It has helped me write more and has hopefully improved my grammar. Another aspect of myself that I am working on, for my grammar in the past was terrible. You would think that with me being an English & History major I would have a master...well I am still improving.

One last thing I will be talking about is the hypocrisy of people like those that diss on those that are rich and yet go out to starbucks to get a $8 cup of coffee and are carrying around a macbook. There are also those that say that we should all do are part for the environment and yet they drive gas guzzlers. And Don't get me started on politicians.

So it will not only be me learning, but as usual it will be my thoughts and ideas.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Book Review: Red Riding Hood

Title: Red Riding Hood
Author: Sarah Blakle-Cartwright
Mass Market Paperback: 329 (346 if you go online)
Publisher: Poppy
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal

I read the book after I had seen the movie. I enjoyed the book, the plot for the book it as the same as the movie I discussed recently. However there are a few minor details that are different in the book than in the movie. The movie began differently, let's just say Valerie has an close encounter with the wolf a very young age, instead of torturing a bunny rabbit for shits and giggles like she did in the movie.

Another thing there was more attention ( not much, but a little more) paid attention to Claude. For those that have only seen the movie, you need to read this book to learn more about Claude. Yes he does have tarot cards, but he has them because they pictures on them are pretty and he likes the colors. With reading this and seeing his depiction in the movie I have to say that he probably has autism, not aspegers, autism or at least that is how the actor is depicting him.
Now you may ask how I would know if a kid has autism or not, here is my answer, I have worked with kids who have all kinds of autism and my brother has autism.

Other than that the book is the same as the movie, you see more of course, Valerie's thoughts and feelings, as well as some of the other characters.

It was a fun read, I enjoyed it, and I was entertained. For taking a classic story and giving it a new twist I wasn't disappointed. And I don't feel like getting pitchforks and going after the author and the publishing company.

If you are expecting to be dazzled and expecting the next great classic, don't go looking here. This is just a fun read.

My only problem is the fact that I had to go online to get the ending of the story. The reason why they did this, I can understand. They wanted to keep people in suspense and to wait to find out the ending of the story until the movie came out in theaters. Cool and annoying at the same time. Also the fact that you are paying for an incomplete book has irritated a great deal of many people, I am upset but at the same time I am not. I wonder if they are going to release a complete book and if they will let us know it is a complete book on the cover.

That is why I gave the book the rating it did, otherwise it would have been 5 out of 5.

Overall I enjoyed it, it was fun and entertaining.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hero Month

Yes this is really random, but I came across this one article talking about how on facebook there have been times when there have been different trends when it comes to what kind of facebook profile picture you post. Cartoon characters, celebrity look-a-likes, etc.

I thought hey why not have a hero one.

So for one month during the month of April all you have to do is simple just changer your profile picutre and show the world who is your hero/idol.

The link to that is here.

And here is an overall description of the event:
We all have people that we admire and dream to be like. We all have heroes.

So for one month all you have to do is change your profile picture to the person that is your hero/idol. This is just for fun :D

Invite all of your friends so that way we can make this event as big as possible.

So who is your hero?
Hope you join the event. Have a great evening!

Natalie Munroe- Teacher by Day, Blogger by Night

Hello, yes it has been a while since I have written. I have recently taken many exams and honestly there hasn't been much going on. Yes I did (and still am in a way) celebrating Valentine's Day. That's the reason why I haven't written anything on it yet. I know you are probably looking at me like, "say what?!?" , but don't worry I will talk about that soon. And by soon I mean at least before Easter. :)


I came across this article by accident. I was on a website called BuzzFeed and I found it. This one teacher, Natalie Munroe, got fed up with her classes, students, teachers, etc. She wrote all about it on her blog here. However this is not even the original blog. I can't find it, I have tried. It might be shut down or something because of investigation. Or she shut down the website so fast that only the awesome tech geeks of the world could figure it out. If anybody that is skilled enough finds it, let me know, I want to see it and read the posts for myself.

According to reports on her blog she wrote in different posts saying that the students are lazy, rude, uncaring. Other times she calls them disrespectful, not brilliant and even has said that some of them dress like streetwalkers. Truth is...she is probably right.

Seriously the clothes that a lot of people wear today, they are slutty, trashy, and unpresentable. Some of the styles that you see girls (and guys too) wear is the reason why when they are in their 30's a picture of them will end up on the site People of Walmart. Either that or they lose their jobs when the boss finds pictures of them on facebook barely wearing anything.

And these people wonder why people are being so mean? Or, even more astounding, what did they do wrong?

Also I am not saying all kids, but a lot of kids today that I have run across, really don't show respect those in authority. It is a rare and beautiful thing when I come across a child that is listening to and doing what the adult tells them too.

Of course the reason for all of this comes down to one simple thing.... parenting. We all know the many arguments about this and frankly I know that in the future I will talk about this topic. True I am not a parent, but I have great and wonderful parents that taught me a great deal about it all ready and I have a brother who has a disability, so I have had to help raise him.

Sorry for the sidetrack.

So overall though, she probably was right in what she said.

Same time is still wrong. I agree with her, there are probably some really stupid/lazy kids in that class. There are probably people that dress like streetwalkers and gangsters. I don't know if she named the students, or the teachers. As far as I am aware she did not name the school, so at least she did that right.

She could have gone about this differently though:
  1. Make it more anonymous: on her blog, she put her first name, the initial of her last name and a picture of herself. She should have used a different name completely, a name only really close friends would know it was her and there should have been NO picture of herself. Just post a picture of a a nice landscape, an animal or heck a cute cartoon, everyone does that.
  2. If you don't feel like listening to the advice above, then you should just get a diary/journal and write/rant about it there: the reason for this is obvious unless a student plots to break into your house, find your dirty secrets and just happens to randomly come across your diary...I don't think anyone will find out.
  3. Email: Email your friends about it, if you honestly have time to post on a blog, you have time to rant/rave about your awful students to your bff through email. Although be careful with this one, make sure this person is not on the faculty and just make sure you don't accidentally send it your coworkers.
  4. Talk it out Girl: this is just like the above, except its on the phone and if you are accused, its all heresy and there is not proof. Well save the phone bill.
There are probably many teachers, professors that feel this way. However they have the tact and the reason to know to not do this. This incident does raise up something really interesting though. Although teachers have some authority, they have kind of lost it overall. Many don't care about their grades, others lack motivation, and others lack parenting.

I can see why this teacher would be frustrated and upset. To her what is the point of going there every day when she doesn't have an audience willing/ trying to learn. Of course a paycheck is a big motivation, but after a while, you need something more than that.

It does not excuse her behavior. She should have been more of an adult and removed herself from the situation if it was really that terrible. It was unprofessional and made her look bad, despite the fact that most of the world would agree that she was right in what she said.

This is definitely one of those occasions it's not what you say, it's where you say it.

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