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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Book Review: Red Riding Hood

Title: Red Riding Hood
Author: Sarah Blakle-Cartwright
Mass Market Paperback: 329 (346 if you go online)
Publisher: Poppy
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal

I read the book after I had seen the movie. I enjoyed the book, the plot for the book it as the same as the movie I discussed recently. However there are a few minor details that are different in the book than in the movie. The movie began differently, let's just say Valerie has an close encounter with the wolf a very young age, instead of torturing a bunny rabbit for shits and giggles like she did in the movie.

Another thing there was more attention ( not much, but a little more) paid attention to Claude. For those that have only seen the movie, you need to read this book to learn more about Claude. Yes he does have tarot cards, but he has them because they pictures on them are pretty and he likes the colors. With reading this and seeing his depiction in the movie I have to say that he probably has autism, not aspegers, autism or at least that is how the actor is depicting him.
Now you may ask how I would know if a kid has autism or not, here is my answer, I have worked with kids who have all kinds of autism and my brother has autism.

Other than that the book is the same as the movie, you see more of course, Valerie's thoughts and feelings, as well as some of the other characters.

It was a fun read, I enjoyed it, and I was entertained. For taking a classic story and giving it a new twist I wasn't disappointed. And I don't feel like getting pitchforks and going after the author and the publishing company.

If you are expecting to be dazzled and expecting the next great classic, don't go looking here. This is just a fun read.

My only problem is the fact that I had to go online to get the ending of the story. The reason why they did this, I can understand. They wanted to keep people in suspense and to wait to find out the ending of the story until the movie came out in theaters. Cool and annoying at the same time. Also the fact that you are paying for an incomplete book has irritated a great deal of many people, I am upset but at the same time I am not. I wonder if they are going to release a complete book and if they will let us know it is a complete book on the cover.

That is why I gave the book the rating it did, otherwise it would have been 5 out of 5.

Overall I enjoyed it, it was fun and entertaining.
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