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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summertime = relaxing, fun, cleaning, crafts, classes?

That's right I am taking summer classes again... I don't dread taking summer classes, I prefer them over regular semester classes. Seriously if I could take one class a month for every month (4 in the fall, 4-5 months in the spring, and 2-3 in the summer)I would be happy. Could you imagine how many classes you can get done with in a year and how well you could do in that class since you are putting your sole focus into one class. I know it is different for everyone, I just would love to do that myself, I enjoy it a lot more. Think about it, if you go for one full year, taking a class a month and each class equaled 3-4 hours (we have science labs to think of and what your major is), at minimum that would total to 36 hours in one year, maximum could be up to 52! How awesome would that be.

Sounds insane, but I would love to take a class a month.

Moving on, this summer I am at the moment taking just two classes. I am taking developmental math and Business and Technical Writing class. For my math it should not be too difficult, I only have modules 8 and 9 left! I am excited. And the Business and Technical Writing Class should be fun.

I may add another one on as well because I would love to get a class out of the way, but I want to be able to have a bit of a summer to and hang out with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. Also I will be finishing up my math around early July and since I only have 2 modules left I should be fine. But I have to consider the other factors along with the fact that I want to have a job, I'm not sure yet though.

Besides taking classes I will be looking for a job, begin working on the responsibilities it takes when it comes to being Treasurer for the group I am a part of Gnosis. I will be cleaning my room, throwing stuff away, and donating stuff. I have been a pack rat for a long time so it has been hard but I have been really doing a good job. What I have realized going through all of my stuff, is that I have a lot of arts and crafts supplies. With realizing this I have decided that I will make this a craft filled summer so that way I can use as many craft materials as I possibly can, without needing to buy more (and if I do buy more I will buy less than more, just so that way I won't have anything left over). Hey who knows if I do a really good job I could sell the stuff on Etsy. Another little project I will be working on is more academic...I know as if college was not enough. Well I am interested in learning more about Holodomor and I want to eventually do a presentation about it so that way people are more aware about the topic. That itself is another post for another day, unless I get in the mood later on to talk about it.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Soul-Think Positive

Another Chicken Soup Book that I have finished reading and yes it will have you crying is Chicken Soup for the Soul:Think Positive.

Title: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive
Author: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor H ansen, and Amy Newmark
Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Self-Help/Inspiration/Success

I enjoyed this book and I had a great time reading it. You will cry when you read certain stories, but it is really worth it.

This is a book that everyone should have, especially right now with the economy being so terrible and everyone is having a hard time finding a job, paying bills , etc. It's great to read when you feel down and terrible.

I suggest everyone gets this book, because it is great to have on hand when you have had a really long day.

A Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Tea Lover's Soul

I was on a Chicken Soup for the Soul kick. I have been wanting to read all of their books. I think it's because I want to read something that is inspiring and drama free. I have read quite a few of them and so far this is my favorite.

Title: Chicken Soup for the Tea Lover's Soul
Author: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Patricia Lorenz
Mass Market Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher: HCI, Health Communications, Inc
Genre: Cooking/Beverage/Inspiration

I love this book, I have already read it twice, if you are a tea lover you will not be disappointed. There are about 50 stories in this book and throughout the book you will learn the history and the health benefits of tea. I myself like the tips when it comes to brewing different teas and how tea is processed. This books is not just about hot tea either, there are stories for those that prefer it cold.

It's definitely a fun read and no the stories do not get monotonous. Every tea lover must read this book.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Time to Grow Up! Part 2: Your Momma Ain't Here No More

This won't be as long as yesterdays. But let's recap the first part:

In Part 1 of It's Time to Grow Up! I talked about those that live at home with their parents and how they should act if they are going to be doing so. I discussed how many like to take advantage of their parents and the fact that I find it disgusting. If you are interested and can't find it, here it is.

Although more and more children are living with their parents, there are more and more children living on their own, but their parents still take care of them. Let me explain, using a college student scenario:

I am talking about those that have their own apartment, their own car, go to college, have other expenses (pets, bills, go shopping at expensive places, etc.) and they don't have a job. If they are in college they don't feel like living in a dorm and as a result the parents will have to pay more money out of their pocket just so that way their kids has a place to live (apartments are more expensive. The reason is because you have to pay your own wi-fi, electricity, water, gas, etc. Dorms in the long run are less expensive and you can get loans to help you with that more likely than you would be able to for an apartment. Now before you say I have roommates from hell, I have issues. Guess what, get over it. No matter what you do you will come across the roommate from hell. However, it will not always be like that. Now if you throw other expenses: food, bills, car, and if you get a pet (depending upon the kind you get that will be an added $300-1,000 per year, sometimes more) all of that adds up.

Now if you did all of this and had a job, I commend you and in my eyes you are awesome. But if you have all of this, you don't have a job and your parents are paying for it....yeah I have trouble seeing you as an adult. I would have trouble seeing you as responsible and I would not take you seriously.

If you are going to be living on your own you should:

1. Have a job. No if, ands, or butts.

2. Be able to take care of yourself, it's understandable to ask your parents to give you advice and help you occasionally. They shouldn't be there at your every beck and call. If you are old enough to have your own place, you should be old enough to take care of yourself. Also if you are thinking about getting a pet, you should be able to ask yourself how many hours do you spend taking care of yourself. Then multiply that by 2 (0r 3 again depending on the pet) and if you can;t handle taking care of the pet for that many hours, don't get one. That way you won't be tempted to throw it onto your parents when you are unable to deal with it or pay the bills left over from the vet visit.

3. Just because your parents love you and can help you doesn't mean you can take advantage of it. Yes they may want to do whatever you want, but do you want to make them go broke? Especially in this economy.

4. If you can't afford to get it, don't go to your parents every single time you want something expensive. I don't care if it's a new camera, the latest coach purse(and I love coach), the newest game system, etc. However you can let them know you like it so it could be a future birthday or Christmas (Kwanzaa, Chanukah, etc. ) present. By the way not every day is your birthday and your un birthday and half birthday is not a reason to get a present either.

5. Don't get a condo or loft if you can't afford it without help. Ask yourself, do you really need all that space. Do you, if your place looks half empty and it's pretty big, you might want to think of downsizing. If there are more than 3 bedrooms in the place and you are not sharing it, you don't need it. Unless you can afford it by yourself, than go ahead and have fun with it.

Of course as always there are exceptions, those that just lost there job and are looking for one, (you can always downsize your place and/or sell your stuff) your health may be bad (it may be better for you to move in with your parents) or a number of crazy things have happened that have prevented you from doing the above.

I said this yesterday and I will say it now. I know times are hard for a lot of people, I know the economy is going down the drain every day. My boyfriend, my wonderful amazing boyfriend with a college degree, who has worked since he was 16 has no job. Yes, he teaches guitar to a couple of students and gets some money from that, but he has to rely on unemployment to pay for everything and his own will to find a job for himself. It is not easy, but he does and he doesn't even live with his parents he is still able to pay for rent and some food.

So I do understand, life is hard and it can suck. But guess what all you got to do is keep moving, at the end of the day there is only one person that is stopping you from being a true adult and that is you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Time to Grow Up! Part 1: Living At Home

For those that don't watch reality TV, like me, the guy in the picture is Frank the Entertainer. He was originally on the reality show I Love New York (like the bachelorette, but only tacky). He was an interesting character, one of the defining moments that got him kicked off was the fact that he was in his late 20's and he was still living with his parents. Then after that he got his own show, Frank the Entertainer: A Basement Affair, and it became the sad guy that lives with his mom version of The Bachelor (For any of his fans, he now has a girlfriend and not only that I don't think he lives with his parents anymore, at least that was the first impression I got when I came across his myspace). The point he helped give a good representation of the adult that did not want to grow up and face responsibilities.

There have been more and more articles out there about adult children mostly between the ages of 20- late 30's that live with their parents.I think that is ridiculous. However before you all of you become jumpy and starts justifying certain situations I will tell you the circumstances I am refering to.

I have a lot of friends, some friends I am proud of, others they make me wonder if they have any brains cells left over from partying (I do love them, I just worry about there choices). One of these friends (lets call her Tammy), Tammy has graduated from high school (good job), didn't apply for college (okay college isn't for everyone and some people aren't always ready for the challenge), looked for a job (good), got a job(YAH!), and then lost the same job less then a month later (wHaT?!). Apparently what happened was is that she expected her family to wake her up for her job, even though both of her parents work.... As a result of her never waking up for her job that day she was fired. Why you may ask, well she never woke up until 3 hours after her shift began and never called into work explaining what happened, she just stayed home. Have I mentioned she got really upset at her parents and other family members for not waking her. Doesn't she know that every cell phone has an alarm on it, she could have at least used that. If you try to tell her that though, you are being mean. Oh this girl also doesn't have to pay rent,she doesn't have to do any chores and doesn't help the parents out.

This disgusts me.

I could throw out more scenarios, but frankly I might become aggravated writing about it.

If you are going to be living with you parents you should be:

1. Not taking advantage of them: help around the house, do chores, run errands. Don't ask them to buy you your every single want and desire (your not 5 anymore and no you are too old to be a "princess" or "prince"). Get off your butt and help them.

2. At least have a job and paying rent or going to college. I myself am going to college and looking for a job right now (fingers crossed). My parents don't expect me to pay rent since I am going to college and I am working toward my future. I help with other ways, how, I do the above, because I believe (as do my parents) that college is a full time job and it takes a lot of work so that is your first job . If you were laid off, fired and are now unemployed, get unemployment, that can be a way to pay rent (I'm pretty sure in some states there might be rules about having unemployment and living with your parents, you will have to check that though.) So if that's the case don't sit on your butt and moan and groan about how terrible life is find a job.

3. Don't ask for any help with big expenses. The only exceptions are if your health goes to pot, your car (either used for college or looking for a job) fails or your computer crashes (also used for a job searching or college). Everything else is frivolous, you don't need that new TV, that car may look nice but forget it, that dress would look great with your shoes but its $300 and it will be out of style next summer and yes that dog is cute, but you don't want to deal with veterinarian costs do you (well guess what neither do your parents).

4. Show respect. They are your parents, they do not have to let you be there since you are now a full grown adult. Their house, their rules and you have to play by them. If you don't like it, move out.

Now there are of course as always exceptions, there are people that are unable to work cause of health issues and are disabled in one way or another. There are those that have lost homes, are in the process of divorce, etc.

Well this message is to those that sit home all day play online games, watch stupid TV, buy junk and other unnecessary items with their parents money, eat all the food, and make the house a wreck , etc (They don't have to be doing this all at once, they could only be doing a few of these things).

Get a job, make something of yourself, take pride in yourself , and make something of yourself. Stop being a slacker, stop relying on others. Don't you realize you look like a loser.

Now I will say it again, I know times are hard for a lot of people I know the economy is going down the drain every day. My boyfriend, my wonderful amazing boyfriend with a college degree, who has worked since he was 16 has no job. Yes, he teaches guitar to a couple of students and gets some money from that, but he has to rely on unemployment to pay for everything and his own will to find a job for himself. It is not easy, but he does and he doesn't even live with his parents he is still able to pay for rent and some food.

So I do understand, life is hard and it can suck. But guess what all you got to do is keep moving, at the end of the day there is only one person that is stopping you from being a true adult and that is you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I 'm in love...with Etsy!

Last night I really discovered the wonder and beauty of Etsy. For all those that have no idea Etsy is a website where you can sell homemade or vintage items. You can off course just buy them if you want to.

I haven't sold anything, although I am definitely thinking of making items to sell on there in the near future. I have so much craft stuff just waiting to be used up, and there is no way I would be able to keep everything I create, I don't have the room.

They have everything for everyone. Vintage typewriters, vintage clothing, anything for geeks and fans obsessed with different movies, tv shows, or books.

I love it. I can't wait to get a job so I can start buying stuff off of this website. I stayed up til 430 in the morning looking at stuff and getting ideas.

To be honest I'm amazed I am awake and coherent at the moment, I guess being in college helps/hinders ones ability to be able to function on little sleep.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am still missing posts!

Okay today is the May 18, it has been 4-5 days since the issue was brought up and addressed. I am still missing two blog posts. I am a little upset, however this definitely comes to show how much we rely on our technology.

I hope I can get those two blog posts back, they were older posts that I had saved as drafts and finally finished this month. It is not because they are long and difficult topics, it is just because as everyone knows I have been busy and it took me awhile before I could get back to them.

I hope I can get those posts back soon, to be honest I am afraid of posting more in fear that I will lose them. I have just noticed it today because I did not think it would affect me and I hadn't thought about it until now. I will not be able to rewrite them and I hope this issue is addressed.

If anyone is having problems go to help at the top of the page and then type into the search engine missing posts, you will find a lot of other people have posted information and replys regarding the matter

I hope I can get my posts back soon. :(

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Movie: Red Riding Hood

First, I will say this, yes I know the person that directed this movie also directed Twilight (a movie I find laughable..."Spidermonkey") But this movie was very enjoyable. I would say that it was better than twilight but for some of you that doesn't mean it was a great movie. I can tell you however to give it a try, for you may be surprised , I was.

The movie: One of the girls in the village has been killed by the wolf something that hasn't happened in years and everyone is under suspicion. They try to take care of the problem themselves, they fail. They try to bring in outside help, they mess it up too. The only one who is able to take care of it is Valerie, the sister of the girl that was killed by the werewolf. Who the wolf is, well you take a guess.

There is a werewolf, a red riding hood, and grandmothers house is in the middle of the woods. Expect a love triangle (again another twilight similarity), religious crazies, a expected unexpected twist, to cry at a few moments, and of course romance. The ending is good and I enjoyed it. I had not read the book when I saw this movie (although I can tell you know that of course the book is better than the movie).

The book and movie are different from the original fairy tale version (there are actually a few of them) but it was very good and it did not tear the story apart like Twilight ruined the vampire genre.

Can you tell I'm not a fan of Twilight.

I give this movie 4 stars.

Yes I'm Back

I'm sorry for the long delay, life tends to get in the way, however this time it wasn't cause of school or friends. It was my family. My grandmother was ill for a month on and off and it was such a roller coaster. She finally passed away a week before my birthday and I was left to take care of my family and my own schooling while my parents went to the funeral. It has been a rough semester for me.

I'm so glad it's summer vacation(a mini one for me cause I will be taking summer classes). I'm done with my classes and I'm excited for a new semester to better my grades, myself and to get to know everyone around me even more.

I will be obsessive with posting over the next week. I have much I want to talk about books, movies, American Politics, the storms that ran through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Also the my first writing conference I went to, random rants, music I'm in love with and music I'm not sure what to think about. Also I can't be a good blogger without commenting on William and Kate's wedding.

Something new , I will also try to start learning about different faiths. This semester in my school we talked about religious tolerance...I strongly dislike using that phrase. To me the word tolerate is a negative word and should not be a word used in the same sentence as religion. I prefer religious compassion and understanding.

I am very excited to be working on this blog. It has helped me write more and has hopefully improved my grammar. Another aspect of myself that I am working on, for my grammar in the past was terrible. You would think that with me being an English & History major I would have a master...well I am still improving.

One last thing I will be talking about is the hypocrisy of people like those that diss on those that are rich and yet go out to starbucks to get a $8 cup of coffee and are carrying around a macbook. There are also those that say that we should all do are part for the environment and yet they drive gas guzzlers. And Don't get me started on politicians.

So it will not only be me learning, but as usual it will be my thoughts and ideas.
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