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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I will be taking a few days to break from posting on here, I know I was away before and did not post, but I want to relax for the holidays. If I do post I will be surprised but nevertheless

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Any Girl Can Get What She Wants

Another amazing book that I have read within the past few months is The Go-Getter Girl's Guide. This book is a must read for anyone that wants to succeed and look amazing at the same time. I got this book over a year ago and just read and finished it a few months.

Title: The Go-Getter Girl's Guide
Author: Debra Shigley
Mass Market Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Genre: Self-Help
Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

"Combining the practical career wisdom of What Color Is Your Parachute? with the savvy fashion guidance of The Little Black Book of Style, this dynamite guide is sure to bring out the Go-Getter in generations of women to come."

This little blurb is what sums up what this book is all about. I have not read either of the books that are mentioned above (a few more added to my, What I have to read before I die list). I was so glad I got this book.

This book is written by Debra Shigley who has written numerous books, multiple national television shows, is a journalists who is a senior editor for the magazine Atlanta, and has appeared many more.

In this book it teaches and inspires women in all professions, whether they are in the field already or they are just college students. You learn how to deal with office politics, how to negotiate to get what you want, get mentors, get ahead even though you may not have the qualifications just yet, and how to take care of yourself and look fabulous all at the same time.

For me I thought it was great that someone wrote this book for Women cause it is necessary. This book is not the kind that once you have read it you are done. I not only recommend this book to everyone, I recommend that you reread it over and over again until you have everything burned into your mind.

With how the economy is so bad right now everyone needs all the help they can get to make sure they succeed at life.

My favorite chapters are
* The Best Education is Self-Education
*Learn the Art of Negotiation

Both are great chapters I will reread again and again. The only reason why I gave it a 4 1/2 out of 5 instead of a 5 out of 5 is because I believe that she could have written more.

This book is for every woman.

Back from Florida

Last night, around 3 in the morning to be exact we got back from Florida. We left really late from Florida. The reason I was still in Downtown Disney trying to trade the last of the pins that I did not want.

It was fun though I had a lot of fun. Here is the schedule of the trip and boy we did a lot. It was rough though, thanks to the fact that all of us are not in the best shape. I have tendonitis in both of my knees, more so in my on knee than the other. Then we are dealing with my brother who has autism, and my other family members are not in the best of health either.

Nevertheless it was fun though. I had a great time.

I will be talking about it over the next weeks all the while I will be relaxing and enjoying my break from classes.

Here is the order of vacation:
Friday- left school, packed bags and left house. Arrived in Florida late around 9:00pm at Hotel.
Saturday- Islands of Adventures: Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Sunday- Disney Hollywood Studies
Monday- Islands of Adventure
Tuesday- Disney Magic Kingdom
Wednesaday- packed, left hotel, Downtown Disney, went back to Tennessee

I had an amazing time. It was great. I will talk all about the trip within the next week or so. It will take me time because I still have a great amount of things to do.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stephen King Challenge!

I am very excited! Over on Book Chick City's blog I saw a challenge. I love challenges.

The challenge is that for the all of 2011 the person who is participating has to read 6-12 books written by the scare master Stephen King. I have always wanted to read Stephen King so this makes me very happy.

I will probably start off with 6 books just because I have classes and have never read anything of his before (I am embarrassed to say). I will begin reading literally January 1, 2011 while I have no classes and when I finish a book I will do a review of it on here. I would like to get to 12, but I will see how it goes.

I am very excited and anyone who has always wanted a good motivation to read his books, this is definitely a great one.

If anyone wants to join here is the link:

Please do join it will be a lot of fun and you can feel good knowing that somewhere out there there is a person like you reading Stephen King.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three Hearts Desire to be Free

Once again I have decided to read an Inspirational Romance novel. To be perfectly honest, I have read this one before and really fell in love with it. So I wanted to write a book review for it, but I decided to reread it because it had been over a year since I read it. Well here is one of my favorite books.

Title: Brides of the Empire
Author: Darlene Mindrup
Mass Market Paperback: 359 pages
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Christian Romance/ Fiction
Rating: 5 out of 5

Brides of the Empire takes place during the time of the Roman Empire, when being Christian was worse then being Jewish. There are 3 stories in this book, they are all separate from the other. The first one is called The Eagle and the Lamb, the next one is Edge of Destiny (definitely a romance book title right there) and finally My Enemy, My Love (even a better romance title).

The Eagle and the Lamb

An hunting accident causes the paths of a Jewish girl, Sara and the wealthy tribune, Antonius to cross. Through fate Antonius helps Sara's family out of a terrible situation but at a price. Sara becomes a slave to his sister Diana. Over time as they are in the same household they learn more about the other. Sara with her forthright attitude and not afraid of hiding who she is and what she believes astonishes and inspires Antonius. Diana, Antonius, and there friends undergo a change within themselves for the better.

Edge of Desinty

Decimus, the boy that fell in love with Sara is now a man and on his own. One day he sees a bunch of slaves being sold and one caught his eye. The reason, all the others were staring at her and he was feeling concerned and afraid for her; knowing how men though. Chara is the woman that he bought so that she could be saved. Unfortunately things got worse for the Christians in Rome and Chara just fell into the middle of the mess with Decimus being one. There are two obstacles (1) Can Chara trust Decimus? and (2) Will Decimus get over Sara?

My Enemy, My Love

In a world where Christians are hated more then Jews and hated by both Jews and Romans, it definitely is an obstacle for Anna and with being a Samaritan, it does not make things any easier. . She crosses paths one day with a Jewish man, Barak, who strongly hates and distrusts Christians and Samaritans. He saves her from being run down by a chariot and soon after they keep running into each other. He discovers soon that Anna's bethrothed to an Arab businessman will cause her to become in great danger and Barak is the only one that is able to help her and is the only one that she could trust. The Enemy of my enemy, is my friend. Along the way they both get to know each other better, and change how people so different can really have so much in common. So is the enemy of my enemy, is my friend and my love?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Busy with Exams & Christmas

Yah, No more classes for the semester. Right now I all I have to do is get ready for the 4 exams I have, 3 are on Monday and 1 is on Wednesday. I am so excited!!! To be done that is, not take exams, and of course Christmas. I'm not so much excited for the getting present part this year, although that will be fun. I am really excited cause I just am, it will be nice to not do anything for classes. I have so much to do though!!!

Here is my list of things I have to do:
  • Study for exams
  • Get stuff together for the vacation
  • Work on the Christmas Story present for my boyfriend
  • Get all of my friends addresses to send them Christmas Cards
  • Call my friends
  • Merry Christmas/ Thank you notes for my Professors
  • Practice the Flute for my family on Christmas
  • Get my brother a gift
  • Get a birthday gift for one of my friends son
There is so much I have to do!!! Not to mention I have to clean my room today cause one of my friends is back from Illinois! I can't wait to see her.

In other news I got a 98 on one of my French tests!!! Go me!!! Other than that I have just been working hard and trying to get everything done.

Pretty soon I will be starting up some book reviews. I have finished books I just haven't had the chance to write reviews on them. They are really good too, I can't wait!

Well off to work I go, I should really get stuff done, I have many things I need to do before she comes over.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm thankful I'm a Writer because....

I’m thankful I’m a writer because it helps me to talk with people and deal with my emotions. I have a hard time in the past expressing my emotions because I have always felt and have been taught that a person should not wear their emotions on their sleeve. So I have only had a few outlets in life to help express myself emotionally. First it was dance, then music, and now for quite some time writing. I started dancing when I was 5 years old and have loved it ever since. With music, either through playing my flute or singing, I still have a love hate relationship with flute and singing, well I have been told that I can sing well, but I still feel self conscious. With writing though, it is a whole other story.

With writing I have always loved the thought of writing books and having other people read them and love them as I have when I pick up a book. I have so many ideas that I simply want to share with the world. I don’t want to just write fantasy, I want to write sc-fi, historical fiction, nonfiction, romance, biographies, self-help, religious, poetry, short stories, essays, etc. I want to write in ever field of writing that exists, why because I have so many amazing ideas and I know I can blow the world away with my writing.

I am really good; when I actually apply myself; when I do, I feel like I have really accomplished something amazing and spectacular. In my mind I hear a voice say, ‘yes there is something that I am good at that I know I can make a profit off for the rest of my life’. Is that the reason I write, because I want to make a profit and become famous, YES! If any writer says that it is not for the fame or profit, or both, I would say they are lying or they have been writing for many years in the business and don’t care about all that anymore. I could be wrong though.

There is another reason why I love writing and therefore I am thankful. I am great at writing, I really am. To be honest I want to be great at everything I do whether it involves music, art, athletics, etc. It is that same with writing. It does come naturally to me and whenever a person is naturally gifted at something, it should be cultivated and shared with the world; take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Most of all, I am thankful for being a great writer because the best part is that you can talk about everything. That is a very good thing because I find everything interesting and fascinating. Few things in life bore me and this is a perfect outlet for me to be able to explore the world and express myself as well; all for the sake of my next book. I am truly thankful.

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