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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No News is Good News??? And News on Me!

So for about a month I really haven't paid attention to the news. So I am kind of clueless about what's going on and you know what I have proved a theory, "Ignorance is Bliss". It is kind of true. Not knowing what is going on in the world for a few weeks is pretty nice. I remembered when I did watch the news constantly, literally every day, I would feel aggravated for at least 1-2 hours of the day. And you know why???? Because there are so many idiots out there that want power, are greedy and in the process decided to screw around with the world.

For this month I have just been focusing on myself. I haven't even watched Glenn Beck and I admire the man, even though I don't entirely agree with everything he believes in. I haven't watched Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. at all. Only occasionally do I look on Drudge Report, but I could not tell you what I had read. The last thing I remember reading was when they compared Michelle Obama to Marie had something to do with the fact that she was going onb way to many vacations and that as a result she was dragging secret services everywhere, which was costing taxpapers....there it is.

Other then that I haven't followed anything. It has been nice.

At the same time though I do still want to follow the news, I have always been one of those people that believe that a person should be informed about what's going on and that there is no such thing as too much information. It is hard though becuase I become aggravated and depressed by the fact that there are so many selfish people out there.

That's one of the parts about myself that I want to work on, that I can be informed, make decisions, and learn about the world myself (using my own knowledge and logic) and reach the truth. All the while I want to still be able to be happy and have some sense of hope and faith that this situation that we are in will become better.

I could never be apathetic about this or anything for the matter. For me being apathetic is the worst sin ever. So I can't become this kind of person otherwise I would be a hypocrite.

So that is one of the things I will be working on in the next month.


As of news for my life there are new things going on, I will be signing up for classes this week and I will be starting classes next week. I'm kind of excited. I know I will be taking English classes, maybe an art class or history class. To be honest I have no idea, but I will find out soon.

I hope things work out at my new school, I will be definitly trying to join some organizations and do some volunteer work. Hopefully I could maybe get a part time job there.

I have been helping my brother with his homework, which has been definitly an expereince. He has autism so it has been a challenge, but I'm glad for the bonding.

Well I got to go look at classes. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brides O' the Emerald Isle

I have finished quite a few books lately and this was one of them.

Title: Bride O' the Emerald Isle
Author:Pamela Griffin/ Vickie McDonough/ Tamela Hancock Murray/ Linda Windsor
Mass Market Paperback: 348 pages
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Christian Romance/ Fiction
Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

This books has 4 stories; A Legend of Love, A Legend of Peace, A Legend of Mercy, and A Legend of Light. A Legend of Love is ther main story, you could say while the other stories, yes can be seperate, they also give some background to the main story as well.

The main story. It is about Moyra O'Cullen in a little town in Ireland called Ballymara. In this town there is the Ballymara Castle where the Pledging Stone Chapel has beenn the place of many lasting marriages. However this is threatned by a travel reporter, Jack Andrews, who has a desire to discredit this tale. This part of the story takes place in contemporary Irealnd. It was good for what it was I just wished that this story was more developed.

Then there were the three stories all of them take place farther and farther from the present time. It starts from 1895 dealing with an American cowboy and an Irish lady so to speak. the next story is about 2 orphans, Ardghal descended from a clan that has been causing trouble. While the other, Brenda is related to a Lord and the romance between her and Ardghal may cause so problems. The last story takes place in 500 AD where it deals with the spreading of new Christianity, here a believer and a pagan cross paths and because of one night of lies, are forced into marriage.

From these stories it helps bring about the legend of the pledgins stone.

Overall this story is a quick and easy fun read, but besides that I wish there was more development. To be honest each of these books could have been seperate or part of a series and it would have been better. If you want something simple and fun, without the sex like a lot of other romances have then this is the book for you.

Small Town Quaintness

At the very beginning of this month I went with my awesome boyfriend to Fayetville, Tennessee to visit his family and the home where he grew up. It was so beautiful and amazing. It was like time literaly stopped, there was so much land. Miles and miles of nothing but farmland, there was even this huge transformer like tractor. It crossed the road which just made me laugh because it is like often do you see that everyday. Well this huge tractor like thing, no idea what the real term is, started spreading these wing like things over the field and it looked like it was giving a spray.

And that was just when we were driving to his house, which was still over an hour away. But besides that....

There was of course the town center, where had a courtyard, and a buidling (I can't remember if it was a town center or a courthouse) but this building had its own bell, which was an actual bell and rang every hour. The town center had a movie theatre, a bookstore, I think a barber shop , and a few antique bookstores. I loved it.

I literaly felt like time had stopped there. There was of course some stores and fast food places that have been cropping up expanding the area. But you can tell the town still had that small town feel, I just hope that that feeling continues to stay there.

I went on a walk in the area, feed some horses, which I believe that the family that owns them rehabilitates them. I was even told by his parents that the population has stayed the same for many, many years. I will have to come back and put the exact numbers on here about the population, but I remebered it was very interesting.

Visiting his family was a lot of fun, I was glad I got to them better and become closer to my love. Just when I think I knew everything there is to know about him, I am always learning more.
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