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Friday, October 8, 2010

Been a Busy Semester Prt I

Wow this semester has gone by so fast. I have done so much this semester and been so busy, I never have enought time in the day. Where do I begin....


I am taking 4 classes, which is a lot of fun. I am taking World Literature II, Beginner's French, World Religions, and Developmental Math. I'm not perfect Math is hard for me, but I am getting better. We have to use this Carneige system, which is overall okay, I just wish that I could get a professor (not a computer) to help me understand math. But that's my little rant on that. With my World Literature class it is awesome, I always love going to that class, I never dread it. My World Religion's class is cool, the professor is neat, very laid back and relaxed. And in my French class I really feel like I am always working my brain, its challenging for me to learn languages. This time however I will learn the language and "Think French." {That's becoming my new motto.}


I have joined a few Organizations; Gnosis, Imaginary Gardens, and I'm thinking of joining a few more. Gnosis is a service learning group. Gnosis means spiritual knowledge or mystically enlightened. apprently on the campus they are called a "rebel group" and they have cause quite a stir. It is interesting because there are so many different types of people there, with a wide and I mean w i d e range of people. Usually we hold a few meetings a month and we can go to any of them, just as long as we pay our dues. We do learning events at the meetings and hold bigger ones for the community college. I will mention more of what we have done in another post. We also do service for the community, this weekend I will be joining others to help get training to volunteer for Family Promise (I think that is the name). We do other kinds of volunteer work as well, which I will keep you all up to date with.

I also am a part of Imaginary Gardens as one of the students to help out together the literary magazine. We do poetry, short stories and digital copies of art work. I'm very excited about this I know I'm going to at least summit one poem and one short story (I just have to finish editing them).

My Family

Nothing much going on there. Things have been a little hectic, last week my parents went to a benefit in CT and got to meet the Gene Wilder. For anyone that doesn't know he was the oroginal Willy Wonka and is still the best. My parents got autographs, talked with him, got a big hug from him, everything. No pictures though because he doesn't do that anymore, can't remember at the moment why.

I'm helping my brother with his homework. It has been a challenge, with his Autism. But I'm so proud of him and how he is doing, it has been great. I have started doing tongue twisters with him, but I really can't think of that many. If anyone reading this can recommend some to me, please let me know. I really like helping my brother with my homework, it has been fun adn rewarding, although some days I'm really not in the mood.

My dog, Amber, is spastic as usual. She is adorable and the older she gets, the more she acts like a puppy.

Oh I have to go, I have to make phone calls and check up on the news. Til Later!
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