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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hero Month

Yes this is really random, but I came across this one article talking about how on facebook there have been times when there have been different trends when it comes to what kind of facebook profile picture you post. Cartoon characters, celebrity look-a-likes, etc.

I thought hey why not have a hero one.

So for one month during the month of April all you have to do is simple just changer your profile picutre and show the world who is your hero/idol.

The link to that is here.

And here is an overall description of the event:
We all have people that we admire and dream to be like. We all have heroes.

So for one month all you have to do is change your profile picture to the person that is your hero/idol. This is just for fun :D

Invite all of your friends so that way we can make this event as big as possible.

So who is your hero?
Hope you join the event. Have a great evening!

Natalie Munroe- Teacher by Day, Blogger by Night

Hello, yes it has been a while since I have written. I have recently taken many exams and honestly there hasn't been much going on. Yes I did (and still am in a way) celebrating Valentine's Day. That's the reason why I haven't written anything on it yet. I know you are probably looking at me like, "say what?!?" , but don't worry I will talk about that soon. And by soon I mean at least before Easter. :)


I came across this article by accident. I was on a website called BuzzFeed and I found it. This one teacher, Natalie Munroe, got fed up with her classes, students, teachers, etc. She wrote all about it on her blog here. However this is not even the original blog. I can't find it, I have tried. It might be shut down or something because of investigation. Or she shut down the website so fast that only the awesome tech geeks of the world could figure it out. If anybody that is skilled enough finds it, let me know, I want to see it and read the posts for myself.

According to reports on her blog she wrote in different posts saying that the students are lazy, rude, uncaring. Other times she calls them disrespectful, not brilliant and even has said that some of them dress like streetwalkers. Truth is...she is probably right.

Seriously the clothes that a lot of people wear today, they are slutty, trashy, and unpresentable. Some of the styles that you see girls (and guys too) wear is the reason why when they are in their 30's a picture of them will end up on the site People of Walmart. Either that or they lose their jobs when the boss finds pictures of them on facebook barely wearing anything.

And these people wonder why people are being so mean? Or, even more astounding, what did they do wrong?

Also I am not saying all kids, but a lot of kids today that I have run across, really don't show respect those in authority. It is a rare and beautiful thing when I come across a child that is listening to and doing what the adult tells them too.

Of course the reason for all of this comes down to one simple thing.... parenting. We all know the many arguments about this and frankly I know that in the future I will talk about this topic. True I am not a parent, but I have great and wonderful parents that taught me a great deal about it all ready and I have a brother who has a disability, so I have had to help raise him.

Sorry for the sidetrack.

So overall though, she probably was right in what she said.

Same time is still wrong. I agree with her, there are probably some really stupid/lazy kids in that class. There are probably people that dress like streetwalkers and gangsters. I don't know if she named the students, or the teachers. As far as I am aware she did not name the school, so at least she did that right.

She could have gone about this differently though:
  1. Make it more anonymous: on her blog, she put her first name, the initial of her last name and a picture of herself. She should have used a different name completely, a name only really close friends would know it was her and there should have been NO picture of herself. Just post a picture of a a nice landscape, an animal or heck a cute cartoon, everyone does that.
  2. If you don't feel like listening to the advice above, then you should just get a diary/journal and write/rant about it there: the reason for this is obvious unless a student plots to break into your house, find your dirty secrets and just happens to randomly come across your diary...I don't think anyone will find out.
  3. Email: Email your friends about it, if you honestly have time to post on a blog, you have time to rant/rave about your awful students to your bff through email. Although be careful with this one, make sure this person is not on the faculty and just make sure you don't accidentally send it your coworkers.
  4. Talk it out Girl: this is just like the above, except its on the phone and if you are accused, its all heresy and there is not proof. Well save the phone bill.
There are probably many teachers, professors that feel this way. However they have the tact and the reason to know to not do this. This incident does raise up something really interesting though. Although teachers have some authority, they have kind of lost it overall. Many don't care about their grades, others lack motivation, and others lack parenting.

I can see why this teacher would be frustrated and upset. To her what is the point of going there every day when she doesn't have an audience willing/ trying to learn. Of course a paycheck is a big motivation, but after a while, you need something more than that.

It does not excuse her behavior. She should have been more of an adult and removed herself from the situation if it was really that terrible. It was unprofessional and made her look bad, despite the fact that most of the world would agree that she was right in what she said.

This is definitely one of those occasions it's not what you say, it's where you say it.

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