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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Small Town Quaintness

At the very beginning of this month I went with my awesome boyfriend to Fayetville, Tennessee to visit his family and the home where he grew up. It was so beautiful and amazing. It was like time literaly stopped, there was so much land. Miles and miles of nothing but farmland, there was even this huge transformer like tractor. It crossed the road which just made me laugh because it is like often do you see that everyday. Well this huge tractor like thing, no idea what the real term is, started spreading these wing like things over the field and it looked like it was giving a spray.

And that was just when we were driving to his house, which was still over an hour away. But besides that....

There was of course the town center, where had a courtyard, and a buidling (I can't remember if it was a town center or a courthouse) but this building had its own bell, which was an actual bell and rang every hour. The town center had a movie theatre, a bookstore, I think a barber shop , and a few antique bookstores. I loved it.

I literaly felt like time had stopped there. There was of course some stores and fast food places that have been cropping up expanding the area. But you can tell the town still had that small town feel, I just hope that that feeling continues to stay there.

I went on a walk in the area, feed some horses, which I believe that the family that owns them rehabilitates them. I was even told by his parents that the population has stayed the same for many, many years. I will have to come back and put the exact numbers on here about the population, but I remebered it was very interesting.

Visiting his family was a lot of fun, I was glad I got to them better and become closer to my love. Just when I think I knew everything there is to know about him, I am always learning more.

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