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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three Hearts Desire to be Free

Once again I have decided to read an Inspirational Romance novel. To be perfectly honest, I have read this one before and really fell in love with it. So I wanted to write a book review for it, but I decided to reread it because it had been over a year since I read it. Well here is one of my favorite books.

Title: Brides of the Empire
Author: Darlene Mindrup
Mass Market Paperback: 359 pages
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Christian Romance/ Fiction
Rating: 5 out of 5

Brides of the Empire takes place during the time of the Roman Empire, when being Christian was worse then being Jewish. There are 3 stories in this book, they are all separate from the other. The first one is called The Eagle and the Lamb, the next one is Edge of Destiny (definitely a romance book title right there) and finally My Enemy, My Love (even a better romance title).

The Eagle and the Lamb

An hunting accident causes the paths of a Jewish girl, Sara and the wealthy tribune, Antonius to cross. Through fate Antonius helps Sara's family out of a terrible situation but at a price. Sara becomes a slave to his sister Diana. Over time as they are in the same household they learn more about the other. Sara with her forthright attitude and not afraid of hiding who she is and what she believes astonishes and inspires Antonius. Diana, Antonius, and there friends undergo a change within themselves for the better.

Edge of Desinty

Decimus, the boy that fell in love with Sara is now a man and on his own. One day he sees a bunch of slaves being sold and one caught his eye. The reason, all the others were staring at her and he was feeling concerned and afraid for her; knowing how men though. Chara is the woman that he bought so that she could be saved. Unfortunately things got worse for the Christians in Rome and Chara just fell into the middle of the mess with Decimus being one. There are two obstacles (1) Can Chara trust Decimus? and (2) Will Decimus get over Sara?

My Enemy, My Love

In a world where Christians are hated more then Jews and hated by both Jews and Romans, it definitely is an obstacle for Anna and with being a Samaritan, it does not make things any easier. . She crosses paths one day with a Jewish man, Barak, who strongly hates and distrusts Christians and Samaritans. He saves her from being run down by a chariot and soon after they keep running into each other. He discovers soon that Anna's bethrothed to an Arab businessman will cause her to become in great danger and Barak is the only one that is able to help her and is the only one that she could trust. The Enemy of my enemy, is my friend. Along the way they both get to know each other better, and change how people so different can really have so much in common. So is the enemy of my enemy, is my friend and my love?

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