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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm thankful I'm a Writer because....

I’m thankful I’m a writer because it helps me to talk with people and deal with my emotions. I have a hard time in the past expressing my emotions because I have always felt and have been taught that a person should not wear their emotions on their sleeve. So I have only had a few outlets in life to help express myself emotionally. First it was dance, then music, and now for quite some time writing. I started dancing when I was 5 years old and have loved it ever since. With music, either through playing my flute or singing, I still have a love hate relationship with flute and singing, well I have been told that I can sing well, but I still feel self conscious. With writing though, it is a whole other story.

With writing I have always loved the thought of writing books and having other people read them and love them as I have when I pick up a book. I have so many ideas that I simply want to share with the world. I don’t want to just write fantasy, I want to write sc-fi, historical fiction, nonfiction, romance, biographies, self-help, religious, poetry, short stories, essays, etc. I want to write in ever field of writing that exists, why because I have so many amazing ideas and I know I can blow the world away with my writing.

I am really good; when I actually apply myself; when I do, I feel like I have really accomplished something amazing and spectacular. In my mind I hear a voice say, ‘yes there is something that I am good at that I know I can make a profit off for the rest of my life’. Is that the reason I write, because I want to make a profit and become famous, YES! If any writer says that it is not for the fame or profit, or both, I would say they are lying or they have been writing for many years in the business and don’t care about all that anymore. I could be wrong though.

There is another reason why I love writing and therefore I am thankful. I am great at writing, I really am. To be honest I want to be great at everything I do whether it involves music, art, athletics, etc. It is that same with writing. It does come naturally to me and whenever a person is naturally gifted at something, it should be cultivated and shared with the world; take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Most of all, I am thankful for being a great writer because the best part is that you can talk about everything. That is a very good thing because I find everything interesting and fascinating. Few things in life bore me and this is a perfect outlet for me to be able to explore the world and express myself as well; all for the sake of my next book. I am truly thankful.

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