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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Time to Grow Up! Part 1: Living At Home

For those that don't watch reality TV, like me, the guy in the picture is Frank the Entertainer. He was originally on the reality show I Love New York (like the bachelorette, but only tacky). He was an interesting character, one of the defining moments that got him kicked off was the fact that he was in his late 20's and he was still living with his parents. Then after that he got his own show, Frank the Entertainer: A Basement Affair, and it became the sad guy that lives with his mom version of The Bachelor (For any of his fans, he now has a girlfriend and not only that I don't think he lives with his parents anymore, at least that was the first impression I got when I came across his myspace). The point he helped give a good representation of the adult that did not want to grow up and face responsibilities.

There have been more and more articles out there about adult children mostly between the ages of 20- late 30's that live with their parents.I think that is ridiculous. However before you all of you become jumpy and starts justifying certain situations I will tell you the circumstances I am refering to.

I have a lot of friends, some friends I am proud of, others they make me wonder if they have any brains cells left over from partying (I do love them, I just worry about there choices). One of these friends (lets call her Tammy), Tammy has graduated from high school (good job), didn't apply for college (okay college isn't for everyone and some people aren't always ready for the challenge), looked for a job (good), got a job(YAH!), and then lost the same job less then a month later (wHaT?!). Apparently what happened was is that she expected her family to wake her up for her job, even though both of her parents work.... As a result of her never waking up for her job that day she was fired. Why you may ask, well she never woke up until 3 hours after her shift began and never called into work explaining what happened, she just stayed home. Have I mentioned she got really upset at her parents and other family members for not waking her. Doesn't she know that every cell phone has an alarm on it, she could have at least used that. If you try to tell her that though, you are being mean. Oh this girl also doesn't have to pay rent,she doesn't have to do any chores and doesn't help the parents out.

This disgusts me.

I could throw out more scenarios, but frankly I might become aggravated writing about it.

If you are going to be living with you parents you should be:

1. Not taking advantage of them: help around the house, do chores, run errands. Don't ask them to buy you your every single want and desire (your not 5 anymore and no you are too old to be a "princess" or "prince"). Get off your butt and help them.

2. At least have a job and paying rent or going to college. I myself am going to college and looking for a job right now (fingers crossed). My parents don't expect me to pay rent since I am going to college and I am working toward my future. I help with other ways, how, I do the above, because I believe (as do my parents) that college is a full time job and it takes a lot of work so that is your first job . If you were laid off, fired and are now unemployed, get unemployment, that can be a way to pay rent (I'm pretty sure in some states there might be rules about having unemployment and living with your parents, you will have to check that though.) So if that's the case don't sit on your butt and moan and groan about how terrible life is find a job.

3. Don't ask for any help with big expenses. The only exceptions are if your health goes to pot, your car (either used for college or looking for a job) fails or your computer crashes (also used for a job searching or college). Everything else is frivolous, you don't need that new TV, that car may look nice but forget it, that dress would look great with your shoes but its $300 and it will be out of style next summer and yes that dog is cute, but you don't want to deal with veterinarian costs do you (well guess what neither do your parents).

4. Show respect. They are your parents, they do not have to let you be there since you are now a full grown adult. Their house, their rules and you have to play by them. If you don't like it, move out.

Now there are of course as always exceptions, there are people that are unable to work cause of health issues and are disabled in one way or another. There are those that have lost homes, are in the process of divorce, etc.

Well this message is to those that sit home all day play online games, watch stupid TV, buy junk and other unnecessary items with their parents money, eat all the food, and make the house a wreck , etc (They don't have to be doing this all at once, they could only be doing a few of these things).

Get a job, make something of yourself, take pride in yourself , and make something of yourself. Stop being a slacker, stop relying on others. Don't you realize you look like a loser.

Now I will say it again, I know times are hard for a lot of people I know the economy is going down the drain every day. My boyfriend, my wonderful amazing boyfriend with a college degree, who has worked since he was 16 has no job. Yes, he teaches guitar to a couple of students and gets some money from that, but he has to rely on unemployment to pay for everything and his own will to find a job for himself. It is not easy, but he does and he doesn't even live with his parents he is still able to pay for rent and some food.

So I do understand, life is hard and it can suck. But guess what all you got to do is keep moving, at the end of the day there is only one person that is stopping you from being a true adult and that is you.


  1. This is awesome! i agree with everything that you wrote about. :)

  2. Thank you! Sorry I got back so late in responding.


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