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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am still missing posts!

Okay today is the May 18, it has been 4-5 days since the issue was brought up and addressed. I am still missing two blog posts. I am a little upset, however this definitely comes to show how much we rely on our technology.

I hope I can get those two blog posts back, they were older posts that I had saved as drafts and finally finished this month. It is not because they are long and difficult topics, it is just because as everyone knows I have been busy and it took me awhile before I could get back to them.

I hope I can get those posts back soon, to be honest I am afraid of posting more in fear that I will lose them. I have just noticed it today because I did not think it would affect me and I hadn't thought about it until now. I will not be able to rewrite them and I hope this issue is addressed.

If anyone is having problems go to help at the top of the page and then type into the search engine missing posts, you will find a lot of other people have posted information and replys regarding the matter

I hope I can get my posts back soon. :(

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