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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yes I'm Back

I'm sorry for the long delay, life tends to get in the way, however this time it wasn't cause of school or friends. It was my family. My grandmother was ill for a month on and off and it was such a roller coaster. She finally passed away a week before my birthday and I was left to take care of my family and my own schooling while my parents went to the funeral. It has been a rough semester for me.

I'm so glad it's summer vacation(a mini one for me cause I will be taking summer classes). I'm done with my classes and I'm excited for a new semester to better my grades, myself and to get to know everyone around me even more.

I will be obsessive with posting over the next week. I have much I want to talk about books, movies, American Politics, the storms that ran through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Also the my first writing conference I went to, random rants, music I'm in love with and music I'm not sure what to think about. Also I can't be a good blogger without commenting on William and Kate's wedding.

Something new , I will also try to start learning about different faiths. This semester in my school we talked about religious tolerance...I strongly dislike using that phrase. To me the word tolerate is a negative word and should not be a word used in the same sentence as religion. I prefer religious compassion and understanding.

I am very excited to be working on this blog. It has helped me write more and has hopefully improved my grammar. Another aspect of myself that I am working on, for my grammar in the past was terrible. You would think that with me being an English & History major I would have a master...well I am still improving.

One last thing I will be talking about is the hypocrisy of people like those that diss on those that are rich and yet go out to starbucks to get a $8 cup of coffee and are carrying around a macbook. There are also those that say that we should all do are part for the environment and yet they drive gas guzzlers. And Don't get me started on politicians.

So it will not only be me learning, but as usual it will be my thoughts and ideas.

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