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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summertime = relaxing, fun, cleaning, crafts, classes?

That's right I am taking summer classes again... I don't dread taking summer classes, I prefer them over regular semester classes. Seriously if I could take one class a month for every month (4 in the fall, 4-5 months in the spring, and 2-3 in the summer)I would be happy. Could you imagine how many classes you can get done with in a year and how well you could do in that class since you are putting your sole focus into one class. I know it is different for everyone, I just would love to do that myself, I enjoy it a lot more. Think about it, if you go for one full year, taking a class a month and each class equaled 3-4 hours (we have science labs to think of and what your major is), at minimum that would total to 36 hours in one year, maximum could be up to 52! How awesome would that be.

Sounds insane, but I would love to take a class a month.

Moving on, this summer I am at the moment taking just two classes. I am taking developmental math and Business and Technical Writing class. For my math it should not be too difficult, I only have modules 8 and 9 left! I am excited. And the Business and Technical Writing Class should be fun.

I may add another one on as well because I would love to get a class out of the way, but I want to be able to have a bit of a summer to and hang out with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. Also I will be finishing up my math around early July and since I only have 2 modules left I should be fine. But I have to consider the other factors along with the fact that I want to have a job, I'm not sure yet though.

Besides taking classes I will be looking for a job, begin working on the responsibilities it takes when it comes to being Treasurer for the group I am a part of Gnosis. I will be cleaning my room, throwing stuff away, and donating stuff. I have been a pack rat for a long time so it has been hard but I have been really doing a good job. What I have realized going through all of my stuff, is that I have a lot of arts and crafts supplies. With realizing this I have decided that I will make this a craft filled summer so that way I can use as many craft materials as I possibly can, without needing to buy more (and if I do buy more I will buy less than more, just so that way I won't have anything left over). Hey who knows if I do a really good job I could sell the stuff on Etsy. Another little project I will be working on is more academic...I know as if college was not enough. Well I am interested in learning more about Holodomor and I want to eventually do a presentation about it so that way people are more aware about the topic. That itself is another post for another day, unless I get in the mood later on to talk about it.

Until tomorrow...

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