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Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Party

I went to my coworkers Holiday Party at the Cabin, and it was so much fun. One of my other coworkers played and had fun with my hair, while I did my nails (at the party, I think we needed to talk, it was well overdue). I would show you my nail color, sadly I have no picture of them :(

But I do have a picture of me in my Christmas sweater, it was ivory with beaded snowman on it. I know this sounds silly, but I loved it. It was fun.

I love Picnik

What was crazy there was another girl there (she was really cool) that also had a sweater with a snowman on it (but the focal point of her sweater was a house decorated for Christmas. Later we also were the only one with awesome pj's mine was this and she had a red onsie (it was awesome).

I had a great time at the party, drank, met lots of awesome people and relaxed. Got in the hot tub, was with new friends and really enjoyed myself.

It was a great way to start off the holidays.

If you are going to one here is a set I made to help you out. I love Polyvore.
For that Christmas Sweater Party

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