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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Top Favorite Sites

Lately I have been having a difficult time focusing on schoolwork. It's not just because Christmas is getting near or the semester is coming to an end. No, it's because of the interet.

This past semester friends have been introducing me to a bunch of new websites. As a result, in between classes, studying, meetings, working, sleeping, dates, etc I have been constantly been on the computer.

Here are some of my favorite sites and descriptions for each of them:
  • Pinterest: Imagine have multiple bulletion boards where you can display all these wonderful ideas (recipes, DIY, fashion, cars, sports, etc) by category. You can add as many images/ideas as you want to this bulletion board and you can share it with others. That is exactly what this site does, but virtually. I have done DIY stuff, experimented with my nails, and so much more. They have everything! I love it and I check it on my phone, and on the computer everyday. You can also contribute to the images as well! I will warn you will have to get a friend to invite you or you ask the website to invite you, I think it's to prevent "autobots" (computer programs that are just trying to anaylze and see what is popular and throw pop ups onto that persons computer, I think I got that right, so don't qoute me. I'm no computer whiz)
  • College Fashion: as a college student I don't have a lot of time on my hands and some days I'm not sure what to do with the clothes I already have some days. Also if you want to try a new look or just need inspiration this site is great for that. As well as DIY, contests, and some history about fashion.
  • Polyvore: Do you wish to be like the editors of vogue? Do you just enjoy playing around with fashion? This site is perfect with that. You can make up boards (I have no idea what they are called, I'm new to this myself) but I love it and it is so much fun. It does take some time to get used to how you use it, but it is so much fun!
  • Open Culture:  this is a great site to get help for your biology class or french. The best part it's free! They have helped me with so much, they have videos, send you to other free websites. You can also download free audiobooks, theyhave an iPhone app. They are awesome!
Well that's it for that if you know any amazing sites out there, just let me know. I'm always looking for new web sites. : )

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