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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Hat that Launched a Facebook Page

Ever since Princess Beatrice made her appearance with the ribbon, pretzel esque hat at William and Kate's Royal Wedding, she has been getting a great deal of attention (a great PR move) and she has been milking it up.

The designer of the hat is Philip Treacy and apparently he is Irish (my Irish ancestors cry with shame) he stands behind the design and he loves it. He thinks that it is elegant, a work of art and brings out her beauty..... whatever works for you.

Now in defense, I do love the design...just not as a hat. Or if it was going to be a hat, how about if was done differently. I'm not a designer but I love fashion (I just bought a cute new purse and scarf online on sale (only $12 dollars for both, go to AVON, they have great stuff).

Well the hat that launched the facebook page, is being put up for auction on ebay. I am not surprised. All the money will go to UNICEF to help children in crisis.

I wonder who will buy it and what will they do with it once they have it? I hope they wont wear it.

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