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Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Took the Red Pill...

The Matrix, the awesome movie that gave us the option to take the blue pill or the red pill.

I always think about this movie every time I eat anything that tastes like chicken, because they make a good point how come food tastes something else. I myself have tasted Gator (more about that later) and it does taste like chicken, but it has a more rubbery texture to it.

Warning I will go totally geeky about a movie that is totally not based in fact (that we know of) and I am just doing this for the heck of it, to expand my mind, and get a story idea for the many novels I plan to write and eventually will publish.

I wonder at times about the world we live in, the whole idea that our reality is being controlled by a bunch of machines who are hungry for energy and we humans are being harvested for energy(the idea of this still makes my brain freeze up like a computer, maybe there is a reason for that happening.... anyway...). The one thing about the movie that really intrigues more than anything is when the movie mentions deja vu.

Deja vu in the matrix is a glitch, it happens when they change something in it. I'm curious about this because it happens so often to me, so I got to wonder say we are living in the matrix what is changing and why?

Another thought before we continue with the matrix.....

I had mentioned a while back about the law of attraction. The whole idea about the law of attraction is that when you think/feel good/bad thoughts you are sending positive or negative ways depending upon your feelings and thoughts. And the waves that come back to you will reflect the feelings or thoughts you sent out.

Now we are fed many realities by all kinds media: TV, books, magazines, music, computers, etc. When we accept a reality that reality becomes true from our point of view. So maybe if The Matrix did exist in machine form it would not be giving us a unified reality but a reality which fits to each persons interpretation. So that way we would not rebel or "find out" about the truth... the truth about the Matrix.

Remember in the movie it was said that humans could not accept a paradise, a place of perfection and bliss. That I can definitely see, I think we would stagnate if we didn't have conflict and to be honest if we did have a paradise I could see eventually one person going crazy and start destroying everything in sight.

Hence why in society there is always the majority and the minority. As a society, this will always be the way of things, we are unable to be completely unified or we go crazy. Now eventually how the minority act/feel usually become the new popular, the new norm (think of the 60's, 70's, and anything that used to be unpopular but now is the "shiz"). And the cycle of majority and minority continue.

To get back to deja vu. If a person has deja vu a lot and they live within the matrix... What is the reason for this to be happening constantly?

Here is an example of a potential scenario:
He/she has deja vu frequently. This person works hard in life, has ambition, and is always dreaming of more things he/she can do. They want to be able to do and try everything in life, to them there are no limits. This person is always trying new things.As a result they are "attracting" to them more opportunities to expand and grow as an individual. Whether it be job opportunities, more money, etc.  This person is constantly changing to try to make themselves better. 

Now how can we explain all the deja vu moments using matrix logic. As we stated above deja vu happens when there has been a change in the matrix. Then we combine that with the idea that the matrix conforms to the reality that we see (law of attraction) in our minds. If our reality is constantly changing, if the person is constantly improving, they are constantly changing. Therefore the matrix has to keep up with them and as result they experience more deja vu.

In the movie it only presented a time frame and the reality of that time frame it did not address was the personal level of each individuals reality.

Maybe the law of attraction and the matrix somehow work together.

Hope that gets you thinking.


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