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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Who Doesn’t Want to be Famous?

My first book review for this year!

Title: How to become a Famous Writer before you're Dead

Author: Ariel Gore

Number of Pages: 288

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

Genre: Writing Reference


I remember this when I picked it up from McKay's (an amazing used books, music, movies and more store that exists in Tennessee). The title is what caught my eye. After all I want to become famous for something before I die, not after. I want to reap some of the benefits from my hard work.

It is an enjoyable book, with exercises and interviews from authors. Granted I have not heard of most of these authors, but I think that was her point, to expose us to authors that we have never heard of and to give the authors more publicity.

Before I found this book while wondering through McKay's I had never heard of Ariel Gore. My first thought that occurred when I came across this book was, 'What right does this person have to write a book about becoming famous writer when I have never heard of them?'

I have been proven wrong, somewhat. No, she is not famous like J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer. But she gives great advice that is very beneficial that does not give way to the old idea that it takes luck and chance to become famous.

Her whole idea is that if you want to become a famous writer, you have to work and work hard. Work your butt off. Writing, like everything is a job she said throughout the book and you have to spend a great amount of time dedicating to doing your job. Yes,the benefits are not as quick as with other tasks and other jobs but nevertheless it is necessary.

In the book she discusses everything for those that are beginners, tips on how not to procrastinate, self-publishing (yes such a thing exists), to everything else in between. The most important thing is this, write and get your name out there. And no, I am not talking about taking the Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton way. It involves sending in comments to newspapers, magazines, etc. Writing for school newspapers, literary magazines, etc.

I had no problems with this book. My only hope is that she comes out with a book of writing prompts and exercises.

This is a definite read for anyone who wants to become a famous writer.

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