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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Raining Birds!

It's raining Birds and no its no joke.

Yesterday I was checking the news, I haven't watched any news station since exams of last semester (which I will post my grades soon). But I came this one piece of news that I sounded like it came out of an apocalyptic movie. Birds were falling out of the sky, dropping dead.

There are already lots of talk and speculation about this topic. You think it wouldn't be a big deal, birds dropping out of the sky, falling dead. There is just one little problem, this has occurred not only in the United States, but in Sweden too.

There is a saying, I don't know it exactly but its something like "If it happens one time it is chance, 2 times coincidence, 3 times... there has to be a connection."

There is talk that there is no connection. I think they are wrong or lying or both.

I will go in order

1. Louisiana

On New Year's Eve (as of right now time is unknown to me if anyone has heard anything on this please let me know) 5,000 redwinged black birds fell to their death. Then the next day 500 more birds (multiple species, not just one) were also found dead. It has been reported that both these incidents are not related and the explanation for the 500 birds found on monday was because they ran into a power line. Specialists say that the birds could have been startled and ran into power lines.

  • Question #1 What were they startled by?
  • Question #2 If this is the case, how come we have not heard more incidents about this in the past?
  • Question #3 If this is a common thing for them(the birds), why the heck are the reporting it?
I understand birds like to follow each other around a lot and can be ditzzes as a result (example I always see birds over areas and they look like they are going in circles following each other). Still though, it is pretty weird.

It doesn't explain the other incident. The first incident is a mystery still.

2. Arkansas

In Beebe, Ark 2,000-3,000 birds were found dead. The reasons again unknown. They fell dead apparently around midnight between New Years Eve and New Years Day. There is of course talk of fireworks. But there is a problem with that, the area where it occurred is said to not be a heavily populated area. It is also speculated that it could be fireworks, but some experts like Dr. Fitzpatrick who says it is possible, is not so fully satisfied by it.

A few days earlier up to nearly 100,000 fish washed up in an Arkansas river, west of Beebe. Cause of death? Unknown. Connection maybe?

3. Sweden

Here only 50-100 birds died in Falkoeping. The cause is guess what....uknown! Most likely fireworks but still unknown and unclear. The birds were a different species, can't recall exactly.

4. Maryland

No dead birds here, not yet at least. But there is something interesting, more dead fish. Yes they are washing up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. The number of dead fish, estimated to be 2 million.

5. Brazil

Since last Thursday dead fish have been washing up on the shores of a fishing town in Brazil. The cause? You guess right again, unknown. The number of dead fish up to 100 tons worth.

6. New Zealand

Hundreds of dead fish were also found here on the shores of the Coromandel Peninsula. To make it more interesting, many found that there eyes were missing.

Many are saying there is no connection. But I am curious I have so many questions and I can't wait to investigate it.

Even more there is so much going on with animal deaths that I haven't been able to keep up with it. If anyone has any articles related to what I have talked about and other mass of weird animal deaths, please send me the article.

Since this is such a complex topic. I will be writing another article on this. Just look back here later today to see another article.

The nerd in me is so excited about this mystery. I feel like Sherlock Holmes from BBC's new series.

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  1. Actually, this isn't uncommon. It's just a slow news period, and when the first incident got world-wide press, every other incident suddenly became newsworthy, too.

    We don't know what caused a lot of these, because there hasn't been time to get scientific testing completed. We probably will know, with most of them, but it won't get any publicity. By then, there will be something else in the headlines.

    And much of this is easily explained, if you think about them individually. (Of course dead fish tend to be missing their eyes. That's the easiest meal for bird scavengers.)

    But ordinarily, these things happen - for a variety of reasons - without getting sensationalized. I used to have a friend who'd regularly pick up thousands of dead birds around radio towers, after bad weather during migration. They simply flew into the tower, and the cables holding it up, on dark nights.

    And the birds in these incidents are wintering in the south, roosting and flying in huge flocks. They stick close together, so you can get a lot of deaths at once. After all, if a single bird flies into your window, you don't think anything about it, right?

    And, obviously, mass fish deaths are a dime a dozen. Not that they're unimportant, of course, but they happen all the time - from chemical dumping, runoff, disease, etc. There's absolutely nothing linking them to these bird deaths, though - except the news media (and woo peddlers) trying to drum up interest.

    FYI, here's a surprisingly rational article in USA Today pointing out some of this.

    Weird stuff is interesting, and when something catches the public's attention like this, there are a lot of people eager to take advantage of it. But IMHO, we need to take it all with a grain of salt.

  2. I actually came across the article after posting this and have continued to research on it. So far I have been looking into massive animal deaths for both of those years. So far, there have not been as many reported, sighted or even blogged about. Not in the same numbers that there are mentioned about the numerous animal deaths. I am not saying it's the end of the world, but I am saying that is something to be looked at. Especially since everyone says that the deaths are inclusive.

    I want to investigate every angle and analyze before ruling anything out.


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