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Monday, January 10, 2011

Is there no answer?

So I have been checking the news stations on TV, there websites to see if there has been any reports on the dead animals. Anything, just a little bit of something.

There has been nothing new that has developed and that really annoys me. I want to know!

Sorry I had a kid moment.

There have been many theories going around and really none of them can be ruled out.

People are saying it could be a warning of a natural disaster that is about to happen as well.

Hey at this point, it could be anything. Heck we can't even rule out if fireworks were the cause, even though that should be really, Really obvious.

So I guess I will have to let go of this story and move onto something else.... unless of course it pops up again in the news, than I will be all over it.

Well of to another topic....

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