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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update: It's Raining Birds

An update on this article. These are summary's of what has happened before now and this article is also a summary

Well there have been more finds and discoveries of massive deaths of animals. The conspiracy theories keep on coming. Meanwhile I will continue to do some research to maybe come up with a theory of my own. No I am not science major, or specialize in anything like that. Rather I consider myself an amateur scholar, always learning, always seeking answers to all the questions.

If anyone has any articles information about the death of these animals and any information from people who live in the areas. I would love to know, just comment below and or send me an email.


At Murray State University several hundred birds have been reported to be found on campus dead. The kinds of birds vary: grackles, robins, red winged blackbirds, sparrows and starlings.

It has also occurred in Marshall county, but there have been not enough details about it.

Arkansas update

The tests for the 1st set of dead birds is inclusive. I hate that word a lot.


In Spruce Creek, Florida there have been thousands of dead fish. Nothing much else is known at the time.


It is estimated that 40,000 crabs have washed ashore dead. Granted this kind of thing has happened in the past according to the Huffington post. This is apparently the 3rd year that this has happened and it has so far been blame on the extreme cold weather.


Dead doves have been found in heaps in flower beds and trees in Italy. Inside the beak, they found a blue stain. The area where the birds were found it is said that it is in a part of town where it's apparently not the greatest. Same time though the deaths have happened before, but not in the numbers that that are seen now. Cause is in question there will be more investigation.

There have been rumors of dead animals in Japan and Thailand. But I have not found anything on that either.

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