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Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow in East Tennessee!!!

I woke up and my grandma told me that I wouldn't be able to go anywhere. I asked why and she said that there was snow outside. And I was like okay, so what there is snow...

As soon as I thought this I realized, Wow! The fact that I am already beginning to think that about snow in the South, in East Tennessee in Knoxville!! Is amazing. We have had quite a few snow storms this winter. It has been the weirdest winter in Tennessee since 2002 (when there was also quite a bit of snow too and we had just moved here too). But this is not just a dusting, no flurries. We are talking about more than 2-3 inches people... it's awesome.

It has actually, dare I say it become common to get snow. I love it. I really do

For all those that have snow in Tennessee, enjoy it while you have it. I will be going out soon to play in it! Yes I will post actual pictures of the snow, it's so cold outside. I am not going out there in my pajama's to take pictures.

Have a great day! Be careful on the roads. Lots of schools have been canceled and not a lot of people are going into work either.

Stay safe!

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