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Friday, January 7, 2011

Theories about the Dead Animals

Right now people are freaking out over the massive death of animals. Me, I am more intrigued by it than anything. I love mysteries, strange happenings, and anything that is beyond a coincidence.
I have come up with a few theories.

It's the End of the World as We Know It!

I love that song...anywho. This theory has of course been swimming around like crazy as though it was a bunch of sharks that smelled blood. After all it is 2011, the 2012 supposed deadline is coming up and hey everything has gone to hell: wars, economy, power hungry leaders, crappy healthcare, high taxes, food prices sky high, etc. Hey why not add dead animals into the the hell soup we are already in.

Me I have no idea. I believe there will be an end eventually. Will we know when it will happen, probably not. It will take us all by surprise. Is this a sign? Possibly. What is the sign telling us? No idea.

The Gulf Oil Spill

I am surprised not a lot of people have blamed it on this, but I don't think it is entirely possible. True the oil is gone, but there is the fact that it left toxins behind. Same time though how could have the toxins spread throughout the globe? That could have been done to the water currents.

The problems with this is that the toxins would have had a hard time getting past the equator, it being hot and all. True there are more toxins in the northern hemisphere than then southern. But it doesn't seem to fit also.

The Impact that the oil spill would have had on the whole globe is... well let's look at it this way. Take the biggest football stadium you know, fill it all the way to the top with water. Then pour a can of beer in it. That is what the gulf oil spill was to the ocean on earth. The only area that would get the most affects would be the area near the spill itself.

A New Bacteria/Virus

It is possible that there is a new bacteria or virus that has evolved from the environment and has made itself known. It does not have to be a man made problem. It could simply be mother nature herself.

So far it has only been happening to wild animals; birds and sea life (crab & fish). And has only occurred near the water (save Kentucky & Tennessee, but they have rivers, so it could have been transferred that way.

Over Reporting

Yes people have been saying that this could be it also. After all things like this have happened in the past. Same time though, after checking numerous sources I haven't come across as many animals deaths in the past few years like there has been recently.

I have no idea, but nevertheless I am interested in this and so far the theories that they have had for it seem either a bunch of nonsense or they are not looking hard enough.

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