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Monday, January 3, 2011

I Run for Him

I have been thinking about running for quite some time. I did it a little bit in high school and on/off with my roommates from last year. Now I have started to exercise so that way in April I can run for my brother. The reason why I run for him is because he has autism and he wouldn't be able to do it for himself. He just would not understand what was going on and the whole purpose of the run.

I have until April 16, 2011 at 8 a.m. to get ready for this race. It's going to be interesting I have never done a race before and I have a little over 100 days left and counting to get ready for it. I have to be careful though while working out and exercising, a few months ago I got plantar tendonitis in both of my knees. For the 1st two weeks of this month I will probably just be walking and doing stretches until my knees are able to deal with it without being in pain.

I am very excited and of course I have decided to add another blog to my list to keep track of my progress. If there is anyone that is a more experienced runner out there that would like to give me advice, please do.

After this race, I will probably do one. It is the Breakthrough for Autism 5k. It takes place in Knoxville, Tennessee.

For more information of the Breakthrough Corporation go here.

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