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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone. It is now 2011 and the 1st day of the new year is coming to a close. I will not go back and reflect everything that has occurred this past year. There has been a lot of changes both good and bad. But this year holds great promise.

I am very excited and looking forward to this year. I can really feel the spirit and the hope that this New Year brings. In the past I liked the idea of the New Year, but never really felt the potential, the excitement of what the New Year can bring. I feel it this year.

I, of course like the many people out there have come up with a list of resolutions for this coming year that I want to and will keep. But I planned it a little differently, I will try to accomplish each thing in stages, instead of trying it all at once like I used to do in the past. Now I will just take it one day at a time, starting tomorrow.

My New Year Resolutions
  1. Write every day, even if it is only a page
  2. Get one piece of work published
  3. Get better at keeping in touch with family and friends
  4. Learn how to sew
  5. Learn how to knit and crochet
  6. Draw more
  7. Keep my room clean
  8. Make A's
  9. Exercise
  10. Participate in a race
  11. Get a job
  12. Pray more
  13. Learn more about how business works
  14. Accomplish everything on this list
I hope and pray that this year, is a wonderful one. Let this wonderful year begin!

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