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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sybil: A Story that Can't be Made Up

Title: Sybil: The Classic True Story of a Woman
Author: Flora Rheta Schreiber
Mass Market Paperback: 512 Pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Biography, Memoir/Health (It's sometimes in this section)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I started this book around March and I finally got to finish this book last week. It is a really great book to read, if anyone is interested in psychology, multiple personlity disorders, or just want to read an amzing book this is it. I do recomened beforehand though that you do not read this book if you are depressed and feeling down at the time; for throughout most of this book, it is not a happy story, its really painful, but helps you to appreciate life more and it's really insightful.

Sybil: The Classic True Story of a Woman Possessed by Sixteen Personalities written by her friend Flora Rheta Schreiber, it is a true story about a woman who throughout her child had an abusive mother, an apathetic father, lived in a town filled with purists christians; with their end of the world lectures being an every day norm, and also as a result of her disorder, she didn't have mamny friends and when she did she's told by her family to not be with them. I would tell you more about the book and an account of it, but I don't think I could do the book justice and I hope that it would encourage you all to read this awesome book.

All of these traumas that she experiences that go through and plus with the fact that her family has a history of mental disorder, she developed 16 different personalities that were all trying to live independtly of the waking self.

There has been a great deal of talk about whether or not this story could be true. If this story is not true, someone has a hell of an imagination and if it is a true story, then the person that went through it all is truly strong, amazing and a remarkable person. I give Sybill props to being able to do what she did.

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