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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Been Busy With Classes

So I haven't been on my blog since I have been taking classes. Right now I am taking a class at Pelisssippi State Techincal Community. Its American Literature I and overall it has been awesome. We have talked about everyone from Anne Hutchison, Roger Williams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglas, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melvile, etc.

Overall I have been enjoying this class. Everynight I have to read about 50 pages of reading for the next day, it just depends. I also usually read more about the background of the author and other writings that our porfessor says that we don't have to read it, but she recommends it. So I take no chances, so I can be prepared at the end of the day.

I have had some annoyances while in this class, actually just one continuing annoyance. There is a girl next to me that rarely pays attention in class, she always is trying to copy other people's notes (as a result of her texting on the phone and not paying attention) highlights her book to the point where the page is moslty bright flourescent yellow (no one taught this girl how to use a higlighter) and this girl is going to be finished at the end of this summer at this community college.... really I know people get lazy at times I understand, but with her attitude and how she talks, she did this the entire time!!!! I know its a community college and it will get harder and blah, blah. But this girl is the kind to repeat questions in class that goes something like, "Wait...huh...w-w-what page was that on? Wait I don't see that, what page did you say it was? Umm what did you say the answer was?" And on and on. I sit next to an idiot and she keeps sitting next to me! I know I could move, but I like being close to the front.

Anyway, this class besides dealing with stupid girl has been a lot of fun, people might groan at that but I love literature, I have my own library(that's for another post). My favorite readings that we have done is:
  1. Benjamin Franklin's Autobio( a part of it)
  2. Anne Hutchinson's stuff
  3. Frederick Douglass Narrative (a part of it)

I found these works my favorites, I found it to be inspiring and brilliant. I didn't agree with everything the professor said not because of my own personal beliefs, but because she was going on feelings of the what she got from the text, not using history of that person to interpret the text. Like with Benjamin Franklin, she said that he was that not much of a believer in God. Thats not true, you could say he would be considered a modern day non denomination Christian of sorts. For we were talking all about the His list of 13 virtues; she said he used them for money making puposes???? What!?!?!?!?!? Okay He did this, mostly because he wanted to be a better person and also ( this part Im not as sure of, cause I'm trying to recollect some research I had done a while back) because he knew that since he had trouble believing in the divinty of God, he thought that by practicing these virtues he may become a better person and maybe have a better understanding of God. But then again she is allowed to have her own opinion and I do respect her a great deal. Besides this, I really haven't had any moments that make me go Huh?

Now the one thing I learned a lot about was Frederick Dourglass. I admire that man, he is very brave and strong to have dealt with what he did. I am so glad I was able to read a part of it. I will be reading the full Narrative in the Future, I already bought it.

Back to the class itself....

So far in this class I have gotten 2 B's on 2 exams. An 88 & an 81. I have a strong B in thsi class. I am very proud of myself. And I have only missed one class; despite the fact that it is 8:00 every morning. I guess it helps that I'm home and I have my mom to tell me to get my butt up. ( :P )

Anywho I have just turned in my paper into this class this past Mon. and I will be taking the final exam next Mon. I hope I can get my grade up to a strong A!!

I'm also thinking of taking another class in the next session, American Literature II. I hope I wiil be able to take it. I know it may be shorter, but so far I was able to do real well, hopefully I can get it up to an A with the last test. I just have to do real well. Either way, I will be really proud of myself.

Well wish my luck with the coming exam next Mon!!

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