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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something Disturbing ......Soviet National Anthem.... & Communism in America...

I was just browsing through people's blogs and I came across this link. It was a youtube vid about the USSR national anthem. Listening to it, oh it gives me chills.

Now I never lived during the time of when Communist Russia began, but I did have ancestors that lived in territories that were under USSR control. My ancestors came from what is modern day Ukraine and Slovakia. Now I don't know how the area of Slovakia was affected but I do know a little bit about Ukraine. Stalin and his Soviet Union was responsible for something far worse then the Holocaust in my opinion. The numbers even state this.

I'm talking about the Unkrainian Genocide.

I'm guessing you never heard of it. Neither did I untill a year ago. I was watching Glenn Becks show and I learned more about it. But that topic will be in my next post.

Seeing this is really bothersome for me. Yes I know I have the right not to watch and and people have to right to put it up, cause of our Consititution. Nevertheless. Seeing and hearing the Soviet Union's National Anthem- talking about how people are free and that they are a great communists nation in the same sentence...its like hearing Hitler and hero in the same sentence for me. It doesn't make sense. I advise you to listen to it and see how they made themselves look and how they wanted to have themselves viewed.

This link is to the communists party in America!!! Did you know we had one, I knew....but I didn't think how troubling they were.

But more then that...please...please look up information about the soviet union. Don't just believe anyone the politicians, your professors, me. Think for yourself. Learn the true history of it all.

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