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Friday, July 9, 2010

Technology is the Bane of My Existance...

So this morning somewhere in this world has planned a consipracy because everything is not working. Many of the the computers at Pelissippi State suck!!! A lot!! Also my IPhone is not getting any service and its been like this for almost 2 hours!!

I know what the solution may be to that, which is to update. However I will not be able to because of the fact that I am at the Pelissippi Library and I have to update with ITunes and this computer doesn't have it! So I have to wait to get home. My phone is like my lifeline, its like my I.V. So I'm freaking out right now.

As for Pelissippi computers, they are ridculous. On some of them you are not able to access the start bar at the bottom, which mean if you are on the internet you can't do anything else & there is no minimize button at the top right corner of the thing for the internet and every time I try to close out of it it comes back on. This is not just one computer its about a majority of them. Luckily I found a computer that will at least let me get to the start button, but it won't let me maxmize the internet yeah.. This morning has offically sucked.

At least I can get my phone (hopefully) fixed. As for PSTCC, they say that they will be hopefully updating and fixing things by the end of the summer before the fall semester starts....let's hope so cause their system sucks!
I wanted to try to get some work done before class, but I am so miffed about everything I just want to scream and not deal with class today. I just want to go home an fix my damn IPhone and I know this sounds a little childish but damn it this morning has sucked.
Not to mention my mother's IPhone is not working either...


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