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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heart Pounding, Extension Pulling, and Coke Whore Showdown!

Right now throughout the entertainment and reality tv industry everybody is talking about one thing, The Real Houswives of New Jersey. Now I haven't been watching RHNJ that much, I prefer Real Housewives of New York instead. But when I kept seeing commercials talking about this upcoming episode, I was hooked. I watched a majority of the marathon they were having on Bravo that day. I had to of course take a break from all that craziness and drama.

To begin last night's episode I believe is the craziest in Real Housewives history, even more crazy than Teresa Giudice (again involved in the drama that happened on another RHNJ episode) and the breakdown of Kelly Killoren Bensimon from Real Housewives of New York on which she finally revealed her pyscho self to the world, even though she is still in a state of denial about it (remember people those that don't question their sanity are insane).

To the actual episode it starts off where it left off, which is that Teresa Giudice is waiting out in the hall for Danielle Staub to say hello to her. First of all if you have been watching this show, or at least hearing about it, you know that Teresa strongly dislikes Danielle. Now why she would want to say hi to her, there can only be two reasons:

  1. She really wants to make up
  2. She wants to "stir the pot" and cause trouble

I'm betting on the second one myself. To continue she is sitting and the Jacqueline Laurita comes in and she knows that Teresa is stiring the pot as soon as she hears that Teresa wants to say hi...and she still stays there. If that had been me, I would have removed myself from that drama, but maybe she was trying to stay to make sure it didn't get out of hand. Maybe. With this show, you can never be too sure.

Then we have the encounter, I swear when I saw this I felt like I was watching like the wizard duel between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy during Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, except they are both equally bad. It was as if I was watching it all go down in slow motion. Well soon things got heated, with the conversation sounding like this, "Do you like it b****?" "Foreclosure!!" "Coke Whore!!!"

It was on...

Teresa got up, Danielle ran (with her posse and bodyguadrs protecting her, kind of). Teresa chases after her and Jacqueline chases both of them (for attention, to be part of the action, to still stay in the camera shot...who knows). This continues for a bit throughout the country club.

Then there is my favorite part. A random woman is trying to get out of the way of the housewives and camera crew stampede and says, "This is f***ing bulls***!!" That was priceless and her face was perfect too.

Danielle is seen running outside hiding near some bushes, telling her friends that she wants to get in the car, but they really don't listen to her (which they should have by the way, otherwise things would not have escalated). And out of nowhere we see Danielle's hair (weave, both, whatever you get the idea) by Ashley Laurita. Who then later justifies it by saying she had heard from someone that Danielle had hit her mother. (Ok this would get me irritated and riled up if this was my mom, but I know my mother can take care of herself.) I think it was the other factors of Danielle bothering her before that really got her and this was just an excuse.

At this Danielle is carried to the car and stays there until the cops came while Jacqueline is standing there. With this part I honestly think that she was just standing there to make sure no one came over there and that Danielle wouldn't get out of the car. just my thoughts.

So it was very eventful. Since I was so inspired by this I played with some photos and I am very happy with them. It looks better when you enlarge it. I don't take credit for the picture above, I just the text that I added to it. And the Duel scene you see, well I think you can tell what I added. :D

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